Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alfalfa and Bermuda Sandwiches For All!

Since it was so cold, I started by giving each of the horses an alfalfa and Bermuda sandwich!

(alfalfa the Bermuda alfalfa then Bermuda) etc.
I learned that horses need to eat more when it is colder, so they did! I also learned that Oats can calm a horse down if they are upset, well if I were a horse, I would have been really upset with this dang weather again!
So I fed them all some oats.

I spent the whole day in the rain, when I got up by the horses on the top, the wind got colder, the sleet was hard on the face, but Shadow and I stayed mostly dry.
I mucked the pens, to let the rain water pass through easier. then I had to open up some drainage areas in the ground. The water has no place to go, so it kept backing up in the pens. Everything is such a mess again, I spent 6 hours out there, Shadow was a little smarter than me, he went and found Dave after about 3 hours and I was glad he did.
I took his rain hat off when it would stop raining for a while and when it would start raining or sleeting again, he would show up as  if to say, please put that ridiculous hat back on me! So I did.
Before I left the horses on the top, I gave them another handful  of Bermuda. I ran out before I got to Kit, Romeo and Cisco, and almost didn’t give them that handful, I glance up by them and all 3 were starring at me,

so I went and got them a handful each. I was so glad I did, when I got over there Kit was just shivering like crazy. I felt so bad I cried, I wish I could fit them all in my RV!

I was down by the other horses, when Don fed them dinner. It was only 4:30, so I knew by dark they would have nothing again.

Windamere was also shivering so I moved her food bucket under her shelter and gave her some alfalfa as well as the other 4 horses down there.

At six, I was going to go and feed them some Bermuda, but Dave told me to sit back down, that he would go out and do it. I gladly listened, I was still chilled from before!He is the sweetest guy I know!
So I said a little prayer for the horses tonight and I hope they all find some warmth and dryness somewhere!

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