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GPS Coordinates TO the Gargoyle Canyon (8 Miles South of Palo Verde, CA)

It took us a few tries, but we finally found Gargoyle Canyon. The GPS Coordinates on the Road to the Correct Wash are: N33.31242 / W114.73717. At an elevation of 225 feet.
                                             Gargoyle Canyon GPS at road
The drive through the wash is about a quarter mile. Gargoyle Canyon 54 The GPS coordinates at the Canyon entrance are: N33.31211 / W114.74581
                                            Gargoyle Canyon GPS  entry to canyon
If you don’t have a four wheel drive, it might be best to walk the quarter mile to the canyon entrance. It is fairly flat, however the sand/gravel is pretty soft in spots and your tires could sink in.

If you do drive to the entrance, there is plenty of room to park and turn around.
                 Gargoyle Canyon  Entrance 52
       Gargoyle Canyon  Entrance 00 Gargoyle Canyon  Entrance 01
                              Gargoyle Canyon Entrance 49
The Canyon is Beautiful and you can walk right into it. If you are like us… We do it all the hard way! We went along the side of the Canyon up to the top, then all the way to the back then walked through the whole thing.
 Gargoyle Canyon From the top 03 This is the view from the top it is beautiful and majestic!
Getting up here is not that difficult, it does include climbing on some loose gravel and fairly steep incline.
Once you get to the end of the top, and start your climb down you are again dealing with steep inclines and lose gravel. The walk through the Canyon from this direction is very difficult and Challenging.
If you go through the entrance from the front, is is a pretty easy walk.
So we started our journey into the canyon, A couple of times, we thought we would have to turn around and go ALL the way back around!
  Just like Van Halen's song, “I been to the edge and there I stood and looked down ....
      Gargoyle Canyon First road Block 1  Gargoyle Canyon First road Block 2
Here we had to back track a little, but managed to get to the other side. Dave had to carry Shadow off a 5 foot ledge! Shadow did not like that one bit! Shadow had to get close enough to the ledge so Dave could reach him.  He dug his claws in and took a little of Dave’s skin with him. At this point, we had already walked about a mile, so now turning around would be a bit disappointing!
We go about a quarter mile and we hit Road Block Number Two:
Dave waited here:  Gargoyle Canyon Tight Spot Dave Waiting 1  while I went ahead to  check things out.
Here you had to sit on your behind then slide and wiggle your way to the other side. Shadow didn’t have any problem with this maneuver what so ever!
We decided it was passable, at least for the next quarter mile or more, so we kept on trucking along!
As we continued on our journey we came across Road Block Number 3:
This was a narrow ledge, followed by a 6 and a half foot drop!  Gargoyle Canyon Tight Spot Ledge 1
This time Dave went to check it out while Shadow and I waited for him.Gargoyle Canyon Tight Spot Ledge 2  We had two problems, one he had to be able to get down there, and #2 we had to get Shadow to walk along this ledge. He stops about half way through and looks down. I think he was trying to decide if he really wanted to do this or not!
I think he realized that walking straight ahead would be easier than trying to turn around so he kept on walking right to the PAPA! I am amazed by his instincts. It seems that Dogs know exactly what they need to do in situations like this. I don’t think the ledge walk was scary for him. The Scary part was again needing to get close enough to the ledge to let Dave grab him again! Gargoyle Canyon Tight Spot Ledge 6 Now Dave is standing on some rocks he stacked up so he could reach Shadow, his platform isn’t all that big and having the cooperation of our dog is an important factor in this situation! Unfortunately Shadow resisted, he dug his claws into the rocks and puts all of his weight on his hind legs. (I don’t know if you ever experienced this with a dog or not, but their strength is unbelievable!)
I made my way across the ledge and helped unhook Shadow’s grip and got him in the right position so Dave could grab him. I would get one paw loose and he would lock down the other one!  Again he dug his claws into Dave’s skin and ripped his shirt.
Dave bless his heart gets Shadow down safely and gives Shadow some praise for being a good boy. He is the most patient man I have ever met.
We are in awe of the beauty of the Canyon and took our time hiking through it. 
            Gargoyle Canyon 42 - Copy     Gargoyle Canyon 09
                                Gargoyle Canyon 06
We have gone maybe two miles now, when we came across a welcoming sight, a split in the Canyon. We knew now if we came across something we couldn’t get through, we only had to come back to this point to find an alternative route. 
  It didn’t take long before we came across Road Block Number 4:
This one was another pool of water, that had another drop off. Comparatively speaking, it looked a heck of a lot easier than our other challenges.
However, Shadow instinctively knew it was another situation he wasn’t going to like,
So… instead of walking with us… He just sits down!
To top it off, It looks like he is sticking his tongue out at Dave!  Gargoyle Canyon Tight Spot Nope I am not going to do it.2
Dave is trying to tell Shadow; “it isn’t that bad”, “it is just a little ledge”… “It will be really simple”… But Shadow was having none of that!
Shadow’s response is like, “bite me”, “I am NOT going to do it!”  
As for me, I am laughing so hard I am almost in tears, so I am not any help what so ever!
So now Dave has to go back up the ledge and try to convince Shadow to come down!Gargoyle Canyon Tight Spot Nope I am not going to do it.02 This is footage for America’s funniest videos if I ever saw any!
It took a little coaxing, but Shadow eventually came down on his own. He was even able to jump this ledge on his own, he just couldn’t go the way he wanted to because of the pool of water.
Once we got to this point, we figured that this was the place that most people would walk up to, if they walked the Canyon from the entrance and not from the top to the back! From here to the entrance the walk was easy and it was also beautiful.
I am glad we did it the hard way, because we saw some things that most people who visit the Canyon miss.  We saw some really neat formations, caves and shelves.
  Gargoyle Canyon 01501  We also saw what looked like a skull in the rocks, we THINK it was just rocks that looked like a skull!  Then this Cove Seat was really cool, Gargoyle Canyon 08 It was certainly an adventure!  If you keep your eyes open, you may even see a strange looking lizard!

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