Sunday, March 7, 2010

Triangle T would be a perfect place to stay, between Benson and Willcox, Cochise County and Pima county fairgrounds not too far away.

Triangle T Ranch plus a Retreat and Conference Center  offers a Varity of lodging choices.
RV Parking with full or partial hook-ups,   Dual Purpose Bikes   (2) Tent   Camping, Dual Purpose Bikes   (26)and
or Casita rentals. 
Dual Purpose Bikes   (14)
If you travel with horses, it also has accommodations for your horse(s) as well!
How would you like to have your horse stay in the corral that was made for the 1958 movie, “3:10 TO YUMA” starring Glen Ford?!! Triangle T Guest Ranch Info 4 
The Restaurant/Saloon Dual Purpose Bikes   (36)is open Thursday’s – Sunday’s with Karaoke or Live music on several times each month.

Mary Carter and The Dragoon Mountain Boy’s are fairly regulars here!Triangle T Guest Ranch Saloon 12
hiking, and rock climbing (at your own risk).

Other Meal options are available for Retreats or Casita rentals.
Dual Purpose Bikes   (11)
There are two dining rooms in the building across from the Saloon, for special occasions, retreats, and or large groups. (This would need to be Pre arranged).
Besides the Saloon, there is horseback riding,
triangle t 08
Behind the saloon is an outdoor swimming pool  hot tubs, Saloon Area 09    and
horse shoe pits. Saloon Area 06
A large community or group campfire area is also available. Saloon Area 02 
Getting married…  They also have beautiful accommodations for an outdoor wedding.
 Saloon Area 04 Saloon Area 05
If you just need a quiet place to meditate or just take in the beauty of the Texas Canyon area of Arizona this place is for you!
Shadow wonders -4
Triangle T Ranch Dragoon, AZ1
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  1. I was reading forum of and saw your link to your blog. What a treat for travel lovers like myself (although I don't get to travel as nearly as much as I'd like to)!


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