Friday, January 21, 2011

Blythe California Bluegrass Festival

Dave and I went to the Fairgrounds to help Brandon set up his booth. He was promoting the KOA at the Bluegrass Festival and wanted help putting flyers on the RV’s that were there.

   Bluegrass Festival Blythe CA 25 
                        Bluegrass Festival Noah and Shadow   (2) Noah and Shadow were there to help too!
Right before the festival begins they have parachutes come down carrying flags. That was beautiful and I was pleased with how well the photos turned out!
                   Bluegrass Festival Flags  Blythe CA 0609   Bluegrass Festival Flags  Blythe CA 0608
                                             Bluegrass Festival Flags  Blythe CA 07

           Dave Shadow and I walked through several different camping areas and put up several KOA flyers.

  The weather for this event was absolutely perfect! It was in the mid 70’s in the afternoons, Dave and I left  
              here and took Shadow to see the world famous “London Bridge”. More about that later.

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