Sunday, January 23, 2011

190 Mile Day Trip: Joshua Tree National Forest

The Shadow Box makes an appearance on California’s Highways
                     SHADOW BOX
       SHADOW BOX (1) first rides (2) I got this picture accidently by taking a picture of something else. Then I cropped it to show the picture of us in the mirror. This is just to prove I do go along on these rides!
10 West to exit 168 for Cottonwood Springs Rd to 62 East to 177 South.
This was a beautiful scenic route around and through the park. 190 Miles on the bike was a bit tiring, but we all survived! 
             Joshua Tree National Park Trip  (21)   
We learned some of the history of the area, the Pinto People and the river basin. Two imagine that a river use to run through this dry land is amazing.
We learned that the Joshua Tree, which only grows naturally in the Mojave desert, got its name from the Mormon settlers. They believed that the angular branches of the tree resembled the outstretched arms of Joshua leading them out of the desert.  Another Versions is that it resembled the prophet Joshua praying.
                                      We also learned that over 800 types of plants grow here!
         Joshua Tree National Park Trip  (17)     Joshua Tree National Park Trip  (15)Joshua Tree National Park Trip  (13) Joshua Tree National Park Trip  (11)
                          It was cool to see the change of scenery when the two deserts meet.
                  Joshua Tree National Park Trip  (8) 
     Joshua Tree National Park Trip  (7) 
                            This was the longest motorcycle ride that Shadow and I ever went on with Dave, it was a                                 beautiful day, the temperature was in the mid 70’s, sunny and light winds.
We got back to the RV just in time for another spectacular sunset.


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