Thursday, January 20, 2011

Activities at the Colorado River KOA

    On our second night they had a Pot Luck Dinner .      KOA Blythe CA Pot Luck  (3)
                   KOA Blythe CA Pot Luck  (1) they held it in the community room.
A couple of nights later, they had BINGO,
Played several games in the first hour, came close but neither Dave or I won. After a short break, Dave win’s four games in a Row! You will never guess who won the fifth game… ME!!!! This was the final game and the big pay out. I think all the others wanted to tar and feather us!
It was a lot of fun, I don’t think they will ever let us play again!
Saturday Mornings they have a FREE pancake breakfast! The pancakes were awesome!            
                               Shadow came along and made new friends.
  I got a chance to meet Noah, who is the son of Brandon (the family that owns and operates this KOA).                                          KOA Pancake Breakfast  0(2)
Noah is a very polite young man. He really liked Shadow and all of his tricks. Noah shared with us that he gets to go to Disney land with his dad and several other places.
When Noah went back by Shadow, Brandon shared that Noah has a rare disease and the “Make A Wish Foundation” will make this trip possible for Noah.
Noah needs to be symptom free for a couple of months before the doctors will approve Noah for the trip.
           So anyone reading this who believes in the power of prayer, please say a prayer for Noah.

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