Friday, January 10, 2014

Tips for keeping your dog safe, finding a lost dog and using Facebook to help:

When we found Bandit the Corgi, we call the Sheriffs office to find out what to do with a found dog, if no one claims it. We were told that Franklin County Texas  has no leash law, so basically they were not concerned if one was running loose.
We eventually found  animal control in Mount Vernon, but I really didn’t want to have to send Bandit there.   c-001
     Dave was okay with us keeping him one more night and I spent that time trying to find the owners. I was pretty sure someone would be looking for it and it was obvious that he was a house dog. DSCN0468
Both Shadow and Shylo are Micro Chipped and have tags on their collars, but just incase their tags fall off, I use a permanent paint marker  and write out their contact information on all of their collars.
Here is a tip for posting an ad on craigslist, if you have a lost or found dog, PUT THE BREED (if you know what it is) in the subject line! If your ad comes up simply “lost dog” the person who has found them might not take the time to open every lost dog ad to see if there is a fit!
Use Facebook: I am not a big “fan” of much on Facebook, but I am a fan of how facebook works to get your information out there, especially when it concerns a human interest or an animal in need.
For those of you that are not on Facebook because of privacy issues or whatever, here is a thing to think about. You don’t have to use your real name or share your personal information. You certainly don’t need to make friends with people you don’t even know!
  I have an account and I use it to mainly communicate with my family. (because my name isn’t my name only those I tell even know how to find me).
When I found Bandit, I posted a found dog ad on many sites, most of them automatically post to facebook. I also searched for businesses in the same county and posted on several of those pages. 
The owners of Bandit, did not have facebook, but it was facebook that linked me to the owners. I posted it on the business, the business allowed the owners of the lost dog to post a photo of their lost dog and an employee that uses facebook linked us together!
So I have a new found confidence in Facebook.


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