Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Looking for Gargoyle Canyon Near Palo Verde, CA

Dave was talking to Brandon, and he had told him about the Gargoyle Canyon Near Palo Verde, CA.
Dave gets general directions, take the first wash after the brush past the farmers field… (LOL) So we did just that.
We headed past Palo Verde, found a wash and into it we went with our 2008 Dodge Ram Duallys and all down this rock bed, slash flat mountain road! He got out several times to move big boulders
and I got out several times to help hold brush back from scratching the truck.
We went as far as we could go in the truck and got out and walked about a mile and saw some beautiful sights, but nothing resembling a canyon! The most beautiful was a desert cactus in bloom. It was the only one for miles; its solitude made it even more beautiful!
So with no canyon in sight, Dave calls Brandon to get better directions… so we headed back down the road to the next wash!
This road was a little better, but still pretty rough. We were feeling pretty good about our perverseness and being convinced we were now on the right track… we came to a fork in the road!
Dave said what do you think , (he knows that I am never right about directions), so I figured he would go the opposite way of what ever I said! I just said that it looked like the road on the right was more traveled and he took it!
So down the bumpy road we went… went as far as we could and then walked about a half mile.
What we found was beautiful. The canyon or cavern looked like it caved in on itself. since Brandon said he hasn’t been here for years, so we figured he would like to see the pictures.
  It Was all white limestone, it was so cool, Shadow led the way. Dave looking pretty pleased that we finally found it.    P1080416
 P1080421 What we found was the Porky Pig Rock!
When you walk up to it, you can go down into the first cave, it has collapsed, so the walk would end there, unless your willing to do a little climbing!
            P1080424 P1080425 It was a really cool room.
  We didn’t work this hard to get here, to see only one small part of the canyon, so we climbed to the top.
      P1080429 From the top you could barley even see limestone. Then you get to the edge… P1080430   P1080432
Even though Shadow is 10 years old, he loves to hike with us. Sometimes Dave needs to pick him up and get him over big gaps or big drop offs.
Then we started exploring…  and found more rooms and dens,  P1080453            P1080460
                    P1080469   P1080471
    These Shapes and Patterns were on the back of the limestone. I can’t find any formations like this on the internet. They intrigue me, and I hope I can find some information on them.
                 If anyone knows what they are, PLEASE leave me a comment below!
When we got home, I decided to google Gargoyle Canyon, to see what it use to look like, before it fell in.
It was hilarious to look at the photos online and realize that we STILL haven’t found Gargoyle Canyon!
           In our attempt to find Gargoyle Canyon, we have discovered more Desert Beauty.


  1. this is gargoyle canyon you went to thr right spot i have been here a few times since i live in the area i can go there when ever but i have forgoten how to get there so can you please tell me the cordinates

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!
      The GPS Coordinates on the Road to the Correct Wash are: N33.31242 / W114.73717. At an elevation of 225 feet.

    2. It was the next item on my blog! I hope you get this in time! http://rvingdog.blogspot.com/2011/02/gargoyle-canyon-8-miles-south-of-palo.html


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