Sunday, April 6, 2014

Many Hours and Several Tries Later, Shiner’s Memorial is Complete!

I spent two months trying to get the rest of the area around Shiner’s burial cleaned up and after several tries I finally finished her memorial as well!

Clean Up 1            Grave

Memory Stones

In my last entry I said I discovered something really cool.

This is what it is…

When making Shiner’s memorial one thing that really stood out to me was all the hearts that Shiner had touched.

While gathering rocks for her memorial it seemed like every time I looked on the ground, I found a heart shaped stone!  I saw this as a sign, and just started collecting them. It wasn’t until later that thought of a “Heart Garden” came to me. 

When I was all done with round one of her memorial, I decided to walk over to the Pier on Dream Lake to take a picture of her memorial from the other side, when I got there this is what I saw…

Visitors and misc

I found myself  looking through a heart shaped nature made frame!

You may not see it, but it hit me like a ton of bricks, I just thought it was sooooo fitting and proving that Shiner’s Burial spot was the PERFECT place!

Here is a short video about her memorial:

Shiner’s Memorial

Monday, February 10, 2014

Shiner Memorial Park

Preparing Shiner’s Final Resting Place, After Several of us put our heads together we decided a view of the lake was a must! She just loved to swim and chase Henry and the other birds at Dream Lake, so this spot seemed perfect.
Now getting the area cleaned up to  make it a worthy place for her memorial. 

Clean up
                           Captured Videos
I drug  all the debris out to the road and Pablo came with the tractor and hauled the piles away.
About the Memorial:
I went around and gathered tons of fresh pine needles, you can see them in the sitting area and in the hollowed out log in front of her heart stones.
Shiner loved to lay in dried up pine needles, one of the first things I do when we get back here is to go down by the lake and gather a bunch of pine needles. I put a few piles in different areas around the RV and she would  pick her favorite pile for her outside napping spot. Once she picked her pile. I would bring a dish of water out  and put it real close and if she was napping during lunch, she would get that right by her pine bed as well!
 2012- 2013 ner 06 Last Years Spot (on left) 2012- 2013 ner 02 This years spot!
So that is why Pine needles are special and needed to a part of her memorial!

When you come back to visit, you can sit in Shiner Park and reflect your fondest memories.
If some of her friends are already there,  Pine 2_thumb[1]   don’t worry there is a lot of room!

You will notice large rocks around the perimeter, there are memory stones along the edge and,  heart stones  placed in sand. (Don’t worry I will explain in a moment) First I want you to know that all these stones that make up any part of her final resting place, have been gathered from ALL over the Ranch, including the lake! Shiner was a part of everything that happened at Deer Lake Cabins, so bringing a little bit of everywhere seemed fitting for her memorial.

The inside edge that leads to the sitting area is lined with memory stones. A memory stone is where you can share your memory or your name or your message. 
This is Shadow’s Message: P1030791 Here is what he grave looks like right now. The other message stones are from Shylo, Blue, the Birds, Horses, Henry, and Myself:
The blank memory stones on the path to the sitting area are for you. Pine1030726 
We would be proud  to place your stone on the Shiner Trail if you like, just knowing that she touched your heart makes us smile!

The messages are done with a permanent marker, a Paint pen, or some kind of an outdoor paint. (I know the writing won’t last for ever, but it is the thought that counts)!  I am only responsible for making sure your message gets in the right place.  
  1. You can find your own stone (no larger than a brick) and put your own message on it and send it to the address below.              OR
  2. If your coming here in the near future, you can bring some paint or permanent marking pen and make your own!         OR
  3. Send me a note in the mail, with what you want your stone to say, and I will  paint a stone for you. (Write Slowly as I don’t read so fast no more (LOL)  and PRINT clearly .      OR
  4. You can send me an email with your message on it.               OR
  5. You can leave me a comment on this blog.  
Deer Lake Cabins
ATTN: Cindy
830 Dream Lake Road
Scroggins, Texas 75480

email:  dlccabins (AT sign) gmail DOT (.) com  If that confused you just  switch these around:  dlccabins@

Whether I place your message on the path or you do it yourself  they should be placed  in the order they are received. Just find the first blank stone and replace it with your message stone.    The area around her grave is reserved for her family, close friends,  ranch employees and etc. If your stone should be with family and close friends, be sure to specify that in your note.

You need to give me your email address if you need me to contact you. It DOES NOT come as part of your comment unless you type it in your message.
I will commit to do this until April 1st, at that time I will post something letting you know if any of this will still be available.

I hope I haven’t confuse everyone, I am kind of good at that!
As far as her memorial site goes, I still have a lot of  work to do, however I had made enough progress to feel that the site was now worthy to bear her name and to be her official resting place.     Final 01 Cross

If you don't like the rock idea, another thing you could do in memory of Shiner is to to donate to an East Texas Animal Shelter in Shiner’s name. That way She can continue to help others find their way, share her love and bring smiles to people and animals even in her death.

I will be very busy in the next couple of weeks completing her memorial and surrounding area. When I am done I have something I  need to tell you about the Heart Stones and an AMAZING discovery directly related, but it is going to need to wait until my next entry!

Rest in peace Shiner, you were loved by many!

Sad Sad News For So Many, As We Inform You That Shiner Has Passed Away

Shiner the ranch dog at Deer Lake Cabins, was called home in the very early morning hours
February 3, 2014.
Other than a sore paw  P1020859  which caused he to limp off and on for the past few weeks, Shiner show no signs of discomfort; she was active, her appetite was good and she  was happy!  1 01 12 1 (3)

She played with the other dogs was excited to go for walks, and still enjoyed chasing the horses  Horses 03 and the birds! She was a cuddle bug and love to cuddle and gave lots of kisses!
 She Really liked it when I would lift her up on the couch so she could cuddle with Dave. 

She gave no signs what so ever that this was her last full day on earth! Her death was quite a shock to all of us!  I was up late  editing pictures with All four dogs  sacked out around me. Right around 12:30 a.m. Shiner got up and nudged me, (this was nothing new, it was her way to get my attention so I would give her a kiss or pet her or something. That night I think she just wanted to say, “  Lady, thank you for loving me” She then laid down by my chair.
An hour later when I  was heading to bed, I let the dogs outside to do their thing; Shadow, Shylo  and Blue went out, but not Shiner. I went over by her to wake her up...   and sadly it wasn’t because she didn’t hear me.
She passed away so peacefully not even so much as a whimper; and she left this world with a Smile on her face because she was happy. I on the other hand was a total basket case and spent the next several hours surrounded by the other 3 dogs and the kindest man I know.   
God took her as gracefully as anyone could be taken and for that I am eternally grateful! 
For those of you who are not familiar with Shiner she was ranch dog at Deer Lake Cabins, she was a star around here, a celebrity with her own paparazzi; she was as famous as they get , at least on the ranch!
For years many guest were blessed with Shiner’s love and companionship.  Texas Star Journal 019  My heart would smile every time a guest  would scream her name with excitement. “Shiner…” I would hear, it was like they just reunited with a long lost friend! Mules would come to a dead stop and Adults and Kids alike would fly off of their seats to give her a pet or a hug. Guests Double S Ranch 02 (Faces are distorted on photos, I didn’t get permission to share)
Each Cabin  has a Journal for guests to make comments in about their stay. These journals are LOADED with Shiner’s loyal fans!  Some of the guests expressed themselves through art work   Wild West Journal 01  while
others just shared fond memories,  Texas Star Journal 032    and someWild West Journal 02   shared a little bit of both! They would write about how much
Shiner Loved to ride in the mules Mule Rides 06 or run along the side of them, how much they loved her and couldn’t wait to come back to see her again! 
Shiner made everyone feel special and she seemed to remember you from the last time you were here! If she saw you before you saw her, she would  come running!watch 011211a05  o stuff 088  It was as though she was waiting for that kiss Outside Clean Up  (6)  or that hug  sat30  53 or that touch.   Maybe she was just making sure you were happy enough to see her! LOL DSCN011-004 Shiner was full of life and love,
She loved everyone and everything… except baths Shadow and Shiner 67 Thunder and watching you leave!  2012- 2013 ner 03
Deer Lake Cabins just won’t be the same without her; but I am sure her spirit will remain alive in the hearts of all the people that had the honor of meeting her.
In memory of Shiner a very special kind of memorial has been set up. It has been done in a way that should make it easy for anyone anywhere to be able to participate  if you want to.
I will be posting all about it in my next entry.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Star… Quit Horsing Around!

I was trying to get some decent photos of the outdoor riding arena, the area that they use to work with the Cutting Horses.
It is a large area and I could only get parts of it in my photos, so I  wasn’t happy with the outcome.

Then I came up with the idea to try to use height  to get a better advantage point. So I decided to bring a ladder over.
I went in through the aisle way Riding Arena 01 and set
it up  in front of the gate. Riding Arena 01  I climbed up the ladder and
was up on the second to last step and thought I got my jacket caught on something and started to loose my balance.
I was dumbfounded when I  looked down and saw what was really happening.

Apparently Star thought it was time for a carrot check! Her accomplice Kitty was right by her side.
After I got off the ladder, Shadow came to my rescue, he confronted the horses for messing with the “momma”!

25th Fancy Jr. and Dog 05
He was letting them know there would be consequences for their actions,…
which had Star begging for mercy! 25th Fancy Jr. and Dog 04
Shadow went easy on the sentence, but they still had to serve some time.
DSCN8850 All this because I wanted a stupid carrot!

Anyhow, the photos turned out okay, but I got more satisfaction out of the story!
Riding Arena 03     Riding Arena 022
                                      Riding Arena 06

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dog Humor



                                 Snapshot 11 (1-12-2014 12-56 PM).png

Snapshot 9 (1-12-2014 11-31 AM).png   Snapshot 11 (1-12-2014 11-35 AM).png

               Snapshot 21 (1-12-2014 1-02 PM).png   Snapshot 22 (1-12-2014 1-02 PM).png  

                                         3 G2.png

                 Snapshot 20 (1-12-2014 1-01 PM).png   Snapshot 2 (1-12-2014 12-54 PM).png

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