Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bald Eagles A Story Of Perseverance

I took these pictures of the eagles less than a week ago, we live by a retention pond in Greenville, WI. We have seen MANY birds here, but this topped them all. As I was describing what was happening in the photos, it turned into a story. Then when I was talking about the Eagle being free, it reminded me of me! How I am free because of the men and women who have sacrificed so much to serve their country and risks it all to insure our freedom. Then the story became a tribute to Memorial Day and I sat here wiping the tears from my eyes as I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

God Bless you and Thank You for all that you are, and for all that you gave!

Below are pictures of my brother Dan, and my Dad and the two ships my dad was on when he was in the Navy. USS Fletcher and the USS Missouri (BB-63 the Mighty Mo).

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ripples the New Ranch Cat

           Ripples the cat is the coolest cat I  have ever met, he follows me around the ranch despite the fact that I have 3 to five dogs following me every where I go. He even likes to ride on the mule or gators too. DSCF1827  P1280002

DSCF1994        P1270079 

Ripples Rides the John Deere Gator at Deer Lake Cabins

Storm Whistle’s and Dog’s with age related hearing loss.

Shadow wondered off and if I yell, or whistle he doesn’t hear it anymore, last year I bought this Storm Whistle   sw I am amazed on how well this works and so glad that Shadow can hear it.

Here is a video of a time Shadow wondered off he was frantically looking for me. He was heading in the opposite direction when I started blowing the Whistle (I didn’t think to record it right away).

This whistle is a God Send for dogs with hearing loss.

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