Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snowmen Texas Style

Snow in east Texas brings out the creativity in many who rarely get a chance to see the snow, let alone create master pieces! Keep reading to see how these master pieces became a part of my blog!

We had about 4 inches of perfect packing snow, the dogs were excited and couldn’t wait to get out to play! So outside we went… snow 2015 2 I took the dogs out for a walk and took some pictures of the winter wonderland at Deer Lake Cabins. snow 2015 21 We didn’t get very far and I heard a big cracking sound, seconds later a huge limb was on the ground. I knew it wasn’t safe to be outside with the dogs so we headed back to the safety of the RV.

I knew it was going to be a long day inside, so I  made snowmen and snowballs with bird seed and put them by the bird feeders. I figured it would be more entertaining than just watching them at the feeders! DSCF2462a081 When Dave came home (after he was done laughing at me), he suggested that I post my pictures snow 2015 23 

snow 2015 22    snow 2015 21-002

snow 2015 21-001     snow 2015 2-003snow 2015 2-002   snow 2015 2-001 on KETK’s see it snap it send it page.

When I got to their page, I started looking at other peoples photos and was amused by the snowmen, horses, dogs, turtles, bears and more! I decided to copy my favorite ones and post them on my facebook page so my family in WI could see these Texas Style snow creations!

These are just a few of my favorites:  Pictures3 

Pictures-002    Pictures1

Pictures-001   Pictures 

So if your photo made it to my favorites WAY TO GO! Thank you for entertaining me!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

We Found Another Dog!

Dave calls me and asks if wanted another dog… He found him while he was working on the new maintenance building. He goes on to say it weighs about 125 pounds and his name is Chance!  DSCF1607

Dave wasn’t kidding, he is a BIG Boy!DSCF1616

Shylo and Blue wanted to play with him but it was obvious,that that wasn’t going to work! Don’t get me wrong, Chance was a gentle giant, but Shadow would have gotten trampled in all the excitement! So he spent the day working with Dave.

Dave call the home again number about 3 hours before he brought Chance up here, DSCF1613 since nothing happened with that, I called the SPCA and gave them the rabies number, while I was on hold, they contacted the owner and got my permission for them to give him my number! It was that fast, however he was in Dallas and he needed to get a hold of his daughter to get the dog.

So after Dave was done working Chance came back up here, a couple hours had gone by and we were wondering if anyone was going to claim him since the guy called from a private number and the SPCA was now closed AND Monday was a holiday. If no one called for him, I don’t know what we would do. I could not imagine having this dog in the RV if he were the ONLY dog!

Last year when we found a Corgi, that was a different story! (a funny video of that can be seen here): 

We had to tie Chance up and then taking turns letting the dogs out, so we could keep Shadow safe.


Found Dog

The Music on the Video comes from the free music achieves, The song is “Good to Go” by Josh Woodward. Creative Commons Licensing can be found here: 


Several hours went by since I talked to the person in Dallas, but FINALLY someone called!

Don’t worry, we fed him, kept him company and spoiled him rotten while he was with us!

DSCF1620 DSCF1644

Turns out Chance was also a resident of Kings Country Just like the Corgi, so maybe by Chance we will see him again! LOL

Friday, January 23, 2015

2015 Brings Great Beginnings!

2015 has already been thrilling beyond comprehension! My only daughter had her first baby!

I have spent several hours on Skype with my daughter while she was in the hospital giving birth. Then when they got home… then back in the hospital when Lucas’ body temperature dropped in the low 90’s, loss of weight and had a low white blood count.  He is now healthy again and back at home!

From over 1,000 miles away, I was in the hospital room with my daughter (On Skype, a FREE video call on your pc) during her labor. I sat on a shelf when she was wheeled away for her c-section and got to hear the updates when the doctors or nurses came in with news! I couldn’t wait for AJ to come and grab his Kindle (ME) and take it into the recovery room! It was an hour earlier than the doctors said, so I was thrilled!

I took the  pictures while we were Skyping!  (For those who don’t know what Skype is, you might want to Google it and check it out)!

 LJ H 12.png  (This is when  they held up my new Grandson and introduced him to his grandma in the box)

It was all so exciting and such a blessing to be there even if from afar! I have never really held him in my hands or met him face to face, but I already have about 100 pictures and 20 videos that I took while we were on Skype!

Here is a video that will at the very least will get you to crack a smile if not LOL…


a little photoshop to get a picture of me holding my grandson! lj4

Friday, January 16, 2015

Dogwood Branches Bring the Birds to My Feeders!

I always try to put branches or something up to make the bird photos I take more interesting than a metal pole and a feeder. This year I got really lucky! I was trimming trees on a road on Deer Lake Cabins Double S Ranch, and I had to remove some branches that were low enough that they would scrape the top of higher profile vehicles. It turned out that these were branches from a Dogwood tree with berries on them. I put them up by my bird feeders and  I did not believe what these branches brought to my feeders!

Here is a video of the birds: 

Blue Birds and Dogwood Berries

Click here for  Creative Commons for music by Blue Birds Music Little Tomcat by Josh Woodward.">Josh   "license" Published on Jan 15, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Being Kind to one of God’s Greatest Creatures!

We were expecting our first hard freeze in East Texas a few days ago, and most other people from other states would have considered it a heat wave!

My family and friends from Wisconsin would laugh at me and harass me if I would even dare to call 20 degrees ABOVE zero cold!

If I were to say it is going to be 20 degree with wind chill making it feel like the low to mid teens and a dog had to sleep outside with no shelter…   the majority would then agree that 20 is cold!

In my previous post I told you about Lucy and how she loves to run and play with the boys (Shadow, Shylo and Blue).   2014 15 DLC dogs-001  The days she spends running with the pack she has the time of her life! DSCN2984 She has way too much fun and is way too tired to walk the mile to where her owners live at the end of the day!  Those are the nights that she will sleep under the RV and be waiting outside the door when we come out in the morning! DSCN3064 This has only happened a handful of times since we have been here.

Anyhow, one day she shows up early in the morning and when she was still here after  lunch, I knew she would be mine for the night unless I had Dave drive her back to the office area. I knew this was the night of the first hard freeze and my first thought was to have her go home. After giving it some thought I decided if she stays up here, at least she has the camper to lay under, which would be better than no shelter at all. 

I decided to put some cardboard up around the bottom of the RV to help protect her a little bit from the wind. I  was lucky enough to find some appliance boxes that I could cut up and so my next project begun!

Todays high was 32 with the wind chill making it feel like 18 degrees, and even though I was cold, it was nothing compared to what Lucy would have to deal with if someone didn’t help her. So I got busy.

Dave got home around 5:00 and I was under the RV rolling around in the sand securing the cardboard so the wind couldn’t blow it and make noise and scare her out of the shelter, so I was using wire, clamps, stakes, tape and etc., whatever else I could find to attach it to whatever I could find! LOL

The temperatures were already dropping and the wind was picking up. It was now going on 7:00 and it wasn’t so much that I wasn’t done, but I just didn’t want to leave her alone! So I am laying under the camper on the sand while she lays in this nice bed that I made for her, ensuring that she was far enough off the ground that the cold ground would add to the coldness of the air! LOL

DSCN3332a I put a few more cardboard panels up then put up the Outdoor Wireless Thermometer so I could see how cold it was getting by her, then I decided to add a nice fluffy warm blanket to her bed, then I thought I was going inside.


This is what we had so far:   Pictures-002  Pictures-001a   Now all I had left to do was put up a wind block by her main opening.   Pictures-001

I bet it was close to 10:00 before I finally talked myself into going into the camper, it was killing me knowing she was outside. I put the Digital Thermometer in front of me and watched. she was staying five degrees warmer than the temperature outside. I was hoping for more than that, because even though I don’t always do math very well, I knew 18 would be 23 degrees and that wasn’t going to be good enough!

Dave bless his heart, knew what was happening inside of me, he said you might as well just bring her in the toybox (garage part of the RV)  or he would take her to the Maintenance building and lock her in the bathroom for the night. I thought how terrifying that might be for a dog who has never been in a building to be locked in a strange one with no one around! I told myself she is fine, she is a lot warmer than she would be if she were at home. So I cleared my conscience and went about my night.

I went out to check on her one more time before calling it a night.    DSCN3371 

She looked just fine to me.


       DSCN3360  I looked into the toybox to make sure she wasn’t freaking out, the minute she saw me, she started begging me for one more bedtime story!

  DSCN3367    LOL    This last picture was taken around midnight, when I let the other dogs out in the morning, she had not even moved! She was sleeping in the same position! Cozy warm in the RV with her own heater, dog bed, bowl of water, and a bone  just incase she got bored!


        To Mandi and Linda… I can’t believe you actually thought I could leave her outside!

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