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“Shiner” the Infamous Ranch Dog at Double S Ranch in Texas

Before we came to Deer Lake Cabins, Stan the owner told us about the ranch dog named “Shiner”.
                                              thursday  (15)
This is an actual framed photograph of her that hangs in the Log Cabin.
When Dave and I first got here we were reading some of the journal entry’s that were left by guests while we were working in the Wild West. Just about every entry was about Shiner, one more heartfelt than the next. We had pretty much just gotten here and already the tears are strolling down my face!  I am thinking about how much I am going to miss this dog that I have only known for three days! Now lets  multiply this by four months!
We have been here now for about one and a half months, I have gotten to see first hand the impact Shiner has on everyone’s life at the ranch. Not just the guests, but the employees too!
Johnny made sure that Shiner got her medicine and flea and tick stuff each month. He has a bed for her in his car port. Cathy would leave food and water out for her on the office porch everyday. Shiner goes into the office (when the door is open long enough for her to get in) and waits patiently to be petted and lays under the desk until the door is open long enough for her to get out!
Shiner decides where she wants to go and when she wants to go there. Since we have been here, she has spent 90% of her time with us. Shadow and her are buddies.


         While I am out working on limbs or metal detecting she is usually not too far from me,
                      pony area 16 neither is Shadow. pony area 09
I can always tell when new guests are approaching because the first thing I here is, “SHINER” followed by doggie talk, petting and plenty of kisses!
  guests 01  (21)3 All the returning guests know and look forward to seeing her. sat30  53
     One night, Shiner didn’t come home (that’s what I call our RV) the next  morning I still didn’t see her, I was trying really hard not to worry. Shadow was trying just as hard not to worry and trying not to look like he just lost his best friend!   1 animal 06
I tried to go about my normal day and went out to trim some trees. About an hour went by and my trying not to worry wasn’t going to well! Then when I heard some gun shots in the distance and It wasn’t followed by the sound of Shiner’s bark my ability to not worry was right out the window.
I packed up my gear and went back to the camper to get Shiner’s food  and Medicine (Since Shiner spends most of her time here, we now have her food and medicine).

Anyhow I loaded up the mule,  Mule 0114-1  and then Shadow and I went to find her. We drove down by the park near the office and
                     Shiner came a running! watch 011211a05
She was just fine and Shadow and I worried for nothing!
The two of them enjoyed their meal together 1 01 12 1 (13)-1 When Shadow and I started to leave Shinner started following us, the kids in the park were yelling Shinner… Come back, Shinner… etc.
I told her to stay and drove off as fast as I could. It broke my heart, but I figured they will leave tomorrow and maybe Shinner will come back to us  for now, she needs to be with them.
                                             sat30  49
                             Shinner is after all the Ranch Dog, I just think she lives in our RV!       
Larger and more Photos of Shiner, Shadow and the Ranch can be seen here: Click Here for more Shiner and Shadow Photos!
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  1. Cindy, we really enjoyed your blog about Shiner, we miss her and Shadow, they are both nice dogs, Lillie really had a good time with them. You and Dave treated us so great and we appreciated it! It was hard for all of us even Lillie to get used to the cold. Did you get alot of rain? We are already planning for next winter and maybe getting a camper so we can afford to stay where it is warmer for a couple months. Take care!

    1. Hi J and D and Lillie,
      I just saw this comment on my blog today September 11, 2012! (If I saw it earlier and already commented, that is just evidence that I am suffering from CRS (Can't Remember Stuff)! Are you going back there this winter? We may not be there for the entire winter this year but plan on staying for 10 to 12 weeks. If you are going, hopefully our paths will cross again and maybe we could do more campfires and maybe a horse back ride! Dave can take you out and I can watch Lillie if you don't want her to be a lone. Anyhow I was responding to a lady (Sharon)who left some comments on my blog. She also stayed at the Log Cabin, as I was looking at her comments I came across yours! Sharon told me the picture of Shiner in the log cabin is NOT a photo it is a PAINTING! She took the photo and from the photograph, her mother painted the picture! Her mother should see if she could sell her paintings of Shiner in the office store and split the profits! I might even buy one to hang in my RV! Hope all is well your way and if you do start spending some time in an RV and need some tips... we have lots of things we could share! Take Care, C D S


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