Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shadow ask your parents if I can sleep over tonight.

DS 01   

PSST… Shadow ask your momma if I can sleep inside tonight.

              DS 02 

Are You Crazy…  I’ve been having flashbacks about you in the RV from last year!

                    DS 03    DS 04 

Come on Buddy, think about the good times we had;                                                                          Plus I promise to be good and I will even wear my halo.

DS 05

DS 06 

DS 07

                        DS 08

                                           DS 90

DS 91


We were here for about a month and I did really good to not let Shiner in, but now the temps are dropping below freezing so now is the time. Even though she hates the bath, she is a good girl and takes it like a champ! 

            DSCN5214 DSCN5224 DSCN5230


Shiner came in and claimed the spot under the table, She was  so relived to be inside, she was snoring almost before she laid down!

Shadow cracked us right up, he looks under the table and sees her, his tail between his legs and up the stairs he went.


                                 I think he was thinking, “here we go again!”

I coaxed him back downstairs and he laid down on the other bed we had down for the dogs. Later when we were getting ready for  bed, we were going to let the dogs out one more time. It was Shiner’s turn to crack us up,  she didn’t just refused to  go outside she wouldn’t even stand up! I think she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to come back in! I thought I had the solution so I put a collar on her and grabbed a leash and I expected her to get up, but instead she just laid there,  DSCN5212  I almost pulled the collar right over her head! Dave and I got a good laugh out of that!


  1. Glad she got to come in. She looks very happy. Love to see her sleeping.

  2. Hi Cindy,, wow the things dog people will do for theirs and lonely doga!!! So sweet, glad Shadow finally caved and asked.. two peas in a pod!!!!Mary R


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