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Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch

January 01, 2010 after meeting Al and Kelly and talking about what needs to be done around the ranch, we went in and met Belle. She was very pleasant and welcomed us into her home. We sat in her kitchen for a bit talking, then Dave and I left to go get our RV so we could get set up.
When we got back, I knocked on Belle's door, to let her know we were back. It was late afternoon, so we just got set up, walked around to see the animals and the rest of the property.


Tomorrow, the real work will begin!

We worked outside from after breakfast until dark, not stopping to eat lunch. At dusk we come in eat supper and Dave crashes. I am up all night responding to emails and trying to figure out, which job to start tomorrow. Dave and I did this for one week, we didn't play a game of cards or sit down to do anything with each other since we got here. Our focus has been to get as much done for Belle as possible.




                                More work to be done:Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch-1

She is a remarkable woman, she

is so personable. I Bellefeel like I have


her all of my  life.                                                  

Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch sun-4 One day I took a break from mucking the pens and helped her on her computer. She wanted to learn how I wrote on my pictures, so we downloaded Picasa and I gave her a lesson. I learned that she likes earrings, hm... something to think about!
She cracked me up, when I closed out all the programs and asked her to show me how to get back to the photos, she said something on the lines of, "what did you do that for" and I told her I wanted to make sure she knew how to get back to that program, and she took the mouse went click, click, click and looked at me like she was saying TADA!
I just laughed, she is 80 something years old! Most people that age, don't know how to turn on a computer, let alone retain information regarding something new! Anyhow, we got a chance to talk a lot that day and she is such a wonderful person.
While working on the computer, there was always time for the indoor animals, even though she had a couple of cats, 2 puppies, 2 birds, and 2 dogs living in the house with her, of course their was room for Shadow!
 Belles Animals-7 
So Shadow came in and posed for a few photos, but his fear of the puppies, left him packing for the door!
 Belles Animals
Working until sundown had it's rewards...

We stayed at Belle's for one week, ran into some conflicts with some friends of hers and some other conflicts through some emails from other people. They had some ideas of what should be done first and how it should be done. Their words were hurtful and I felt belittled and unappreciated.

I did what Belle said was most important to her, I am sure the other people didn't know that, but it was still hurtful. It became too political for me and I knew it was time to hit the road. (I always ask God for a little guidance to help me know when it is time to move on), and apparently it was time.

There are so many people who need help, only to find themselves victimized by people posing as good Samaritans. Unfortunately I don't think God has as many ground angels as He has villains, so I know we need to keep moving. One thing I learned is all projects can't be complete before we go, sometimes we can only do one or a few significant things. But it only takes one small act, to change an outcome forever.

I believe that Belle is in Great Hands, Al and Kelly are awesome, and a cousin of Belle's is coming down and some friends from California are also coming to help.

Belle was upset at the news of our departure, but she also understood. She thought that we were leaving to take a job where Dave was going to be making money, but that was cleared up. We are not making money at our next job and we will be doing the same type of things we are doing for her. When we left Belle tried to give us money for our work and time. Needless to say, she didn't get too far!

I told Belle about the next place we were going, another Ranch about 60 miles down the road. A lady in her 60's, with her daughter who is 36 years old that suffers from TBI (traumatic brain injury). Belle bless her soul, is thinking more about them than herself and wanted to know what she could also do to help. She offered the use of her ranch and animals to help the daughter.

One last thing, a good bye present for my newest friend. Actually it was a card, it may not have been a Hallmark, but it made out of things she really liked... Earrings!

So we packed up our RV and headed down the road. I of course was crying and Shadow pouted as we left the Silverado. He knew he was going to miss his buddies, Martina, Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid and his favorites: Chiquita, Crissy, and the other Shadow!

For 24 hours Shadow was just down right sad!
January 07th we got to the new ranch. It was too late in the day to do anything but take a quick walk around before dark, just so we could see our new surroundings.

We got up the next morning and by 9:00 we were back to work. I found myself by the horses and started mucking the stalls and brushing the 4 follies.

Shadow was happier, he met some knew friends himself and again gets to be a dog, he loves the freedom and roams all over the property!

This family has also been taken by others who were claiming to help, and they like Belle are really struggling.

Work campers are required to work 12 hours each week for a place to park and plug in their RV. Well day five we have put in 65 hours!

So that is why my blog isn't up to date yet and why I haven't emailed the family!

Like Belle, Linda and Randi have been so thankful and appreciative of our help. Linda said yesterday, "you know, I almost gave up hope, I have prayed and asked God for help and nothing was happening and then the two of you show up! I knew we were sent this way by Him!

Yesterday we were treated to a horse back ride on the 160 acre ranch, up into the rocks, under the highway and all around the property. It was absolutely beautiful and most enjoyable.

I better wrap this up tonight, I will get more pictures as time allows.

I am so thankful that we are able to meet people like Belle, Al, Kelly, Linda and Randi, we have truly been blessed.
More Photos of Belle, her Ranch and etc.


  1. I was introduced to you through Al's blog, and would just like to say a BIG THANKYOU to all three of you for being such wonderful "ground angels". I am sure that your generosity of "spirit" and all your hard work have lifted Belle's spirits....and made the ranch look a whole lot better!

  2. Thank you for your Kind words. Especially the Namaste. I have heard that said before, but never took time to research it. It is an honor to be acknowledged with such a powerful word.
    I look at Al and Kelly to be the superior "ground angels". I think they should be recognized on the weekly news, "person's of the week"! It is such a beautiful world when I look at it through the eyes of people like them; who came to the aid of a total stranger. Not to mention organizing such an effort to help her out!

  3. Hi Cindy: You are more than welcome!
    I agree that Al & Kelly are superb "ground angels".
    It seems to me that one of the ways we make our world a beautiful place is sinply by being "ground angels" whenever & wherever we you 3 are doing so "eloquently"!
    PS Just noticed today that you became a follower! Thank you! Now I will actually have to put some comtent in my blog! LOL!


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