Friday, January 8, 2010

Leaving Lajitas, heading where ever the wind blows!

We left the Lajitas on December 23rd, Dave and I sent out nearly 100 emails, but being then 2 days before Christmas we did not expect any replies.

We decided to head toward Tucson, AZ. Our only goal at that time was to find somewhere to stay that is warm!

Our drive was no eventful until we got to New Mexico, the the temperatures plummeted and it started raining, It went from 56 down to 31 in just miles, rain turned into snow and the roads were not looking so good, but we didn't do any fish tailing so I was good!

We spent one night at Demming, New Mexico and visited their awesome museum the next day before we left. It looked liked a small building, I thought we could blow in and out in a half hour... 2 hours later we left!

The museum is huge! It has everything from dolls to fire trucks, we really enjoyed our visit.

We got out the map and started heading toward Tucson, we stopped in Willcox for Lunch and an email came in on Christmas EVE!

Pete from Turquoise Valley Golf and RV park in Naco, AZ wanted to meet us, as his RV host was leaving and wasn't able to give much notice. So we headed down there and met Pete, the General Manager. He is a real  down to earth guy.

12 27 09-1

12 27 09 
After we talked things over, Pete wanted someone there on a long term basis. Again not what we are looking for. He invited us to stay at the RV park rent free until after the first, so we could enjoy the New Year.
12 27 091
I told Pete and Dave that I knew that we were sent this way for a reason, I just haven't been able to figure out what that was yet. I knew whatever our destiny was to be, it must be amazingly special! (The fact that we now were almost gone from WI for a month and spent all that time at these beautiful resorts FREE, led me to believe that we were needed for someone or something REALLY special)!
Turquoise Valley 1
Naco, AZ is right on the Border to Mexico, The Christmas Celebration went on in Mexico until 4:00 a.m.
Sirens, Fireworks, gunshots, etc. it was like they were in the back yard ( oh wait, they were)!
The wall at night is lit up like an airport, and the border patrol stations and devices were interesting.
Border Patrol 1 Border Patrol 2 Border Patrol 3

Dave and I did not go to Mexico, we never though about bringing our birth certificates and we don't have a pass port, so we didn't get to venture across the border this time.

Preparing to leave Naco we spent hours on the internet, emailing places and  trying to figure out what we suppose to be doing. I stumbled upon the Silverado Ranch and Belle Starr's story. I closed the computer and said, "hon I know where we are going". This was January 1st, 2010, we we only 30 miles away, so we took a ride up there.

We met Al and Kelly, they are the ones who started the plea for help for Belle on their Blog. The Bayfield Bunch. Not sure if this is how I put a link in to their blog, but I will give it a try.

These are some amazing people and the story about Belle is the next block buster waiting to be discovered!

I will end here for tonight, but I do hope to some day to get caught up.

Thanks for following. And thank you for the comment Hermit!

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  1. Thank you Cindy, for the kind words... but you,Dave and Shadow are truly special and deserve many thanks for your caring & giving hearts. I loved the "decoupage" you made for Belle. Wow... the earings ! I was curious when you mentioned in the blog that you sent out numerous emails.... where do you find them? Take care, and we will be watching this blog to see what you are doing....All the best, Kelly


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