Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well the pictures of me in the rain gear broke the camera!

I have spent the past two days on line, and in Benson and one in Willcox, trying to find a new digital camera.
I found one on line I want to get, but it doesn’t come out until April! I am going to get the Pentax W90 
w90 c1
“Waterproof, Coldproof, Shockproof, dustproof and Adventure Proofcamera”! w90 c2
(Its shockproof, so other  pictures of me shouldn’t  break it!) LOL

That last cold and rainy day, when Shadow and I made our fashion statement,  
I had it with me, under my coat, and pulled it out now and then to take pictures. I don’t think it was a fan of the dust and dampness and COLD!!!
What we had was a Panasonic DMC LZ3. I loved that camera, it was very simple to use and it took some beautiful photos!
I would recommend it to anyone except muckers!
Anyhow, I decided to pick up a CHEAP camera to get me through until April and that is what I got!
I picked up a JAZZ, it was only $39.00, but it should only be sold in bubble gum machines and a quarter would be too much!!!!!!!!!
I went to RadioShack in Willcox today and I knew exactly what I was going to buy when I got there. I found what I wanted online and called to make sure they had one.
I got there and I was less thank impressed with the salesman and then their 7 day return policy is a joke.
Thank God for Alco! They had a few to pick from and had $30.00 off any camera over $79.00! What a deal.
I picked up a GE A835 and the verdict is still out. I haven’t seen what it can do yet, but I do like the features that I know of so far. Feels like a camera, not a bubblegum machine toy! I will let you know more as I figure it out!

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