Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy Weekend at the Ranch!

It was a great weekend here, had the Nicest group of about 50 people here to celebrate a birthday, they were from Ohio.

Then there was an RV group here, that travel together.

Plus a lot of Bikers and Passer byers. If you ever want to see the coolest motorcycles, come on over on a Saturday and check some of them out! I hope they all come back, so I can get pictures of them!

Then Mary Cartter and the Dragoon Mountain Boys performed Saturday night. The Saloon was rocking!

Someone started a new game in the bar, there is a divot in the rock in the saloon, someone had the great idea to try and pitch a quarter into the divot!

One guy got a hole in one! Free drinks were given to those that succeeded.

Below are pictures of the Rock in the Saloon and  Mary Cartter and her brother whom she idolizes.


Saloon and Mary  (1) Saloon and Mary  (2)   





Saloon and Mary  (3)Saloon and Mary  (4)

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