Friday, March 19, 2010

Chiricahua National Monument

Took a day to play tourist! Dave and I took a motorcycle ride to Chiricahua National Monument. It was a beautiful sunny day but boy was it WINDY!
This is what wikitravel  says about the landscape of the park: “Chiricahua's hallmark is the enormous collection of weirdly-shaped rock pinnacles that fill the higher regions of the park, the remnants of a huge volcanic eruption about 25 million years ago. The most accessible, and in many regards most interesting, formations are in several canyons (notably Echo Canyon) high on the side of the Chiricahua Mountains, which extend into neighboring Coronado National Forest. The Chiricahua Mountains are an example of a "sky island," an isolated group of mountains rising without preamble or foothills from the surrounding desert. Sky islands are prominent landforms in southern Arizona, and several of the others in the region, for example Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains west of Chiricahua, are scenic attractions in their own right, although lacking Chiricahua's remarkable rock formations.
The park entrance is at an elevation of about 5000 feet. The trailheads for the main formations in Echo Canyon and vicinity are at about 7000 feet, high enough that the visitor from the lowlands may notice the rarefied air; plan to be a little more winded than you expect when hiking”.

We Saw some beautiful sights and had a great day.
I liked the lizards on the wall the best!

Check out the photo album to see all the photos, but here are the lizards!


Chiricahua National Monument' CLICK PHOTO BELOW TO SEE THE  ALBUM
Chiricahua National Monument

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