Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dragoon Springs Station and 4 Confederate Soldiers Grave Sites

First of all if you get to this spot, congratulations! It is not marked along the way. You follow a dirt road called: Old Ranch Road, it is gravel and dirt road, that can get a little rough. While on the road you will get to a gate, that is there to keep the cattle in, you can and have to get out of your car/truck and open and close the gate behind you. This is not marked, so it feels as though you are on the wrong road and ending up on someone’s private property. Keep going the road is about 4.5 miles long. Look at your gauge when you get on Ranch Road.

Because it is so rough, you will undoubtedly be going slow, seems like you are on it forever!

Dave said, “I see a sign” I said, “like what an arrow in the clouds that said turn her”? He said, “no a real sign”

I said, “what does it say”? He said, “It says absolutely no snowmobiling beyond this point”.

It took me a minute to process that information. Then I cracked up!

You will eventually turn left, there will be a little sign in the shape of an arrow. I don’t remember what it said.

You will drive about a half a mile or so then you will see this sign below.   march 7  (2)

If you are looking for the graves of the confederate soldiers, or what is left of the Dragoon Springs Station;  get out of your car when you see this sign. Walk toward the barb wire fence. It looks like a fence that is there to keep people out.  There is a walk weave in the fence, that will lead you to the other side. I think the fence is meant to keep cattle and other animals out.

But if you don’t know these things, I think your chances of finding these awesome historic sites are pretty slim!

What is left of the station will be to your right, march 7  (13) march 7  (23)and the graves will be to your left. march 7  (29)

march 7  (33) march 7  (26)If you click on the “View Full Album” Then click any picture, you will see a large picture, then you can read the information on the sites. 

View Full Album:


Included in the photo album are picture of the Dragoon Springs, Dave and I first missed the things above and stayed on this road past the sign that says, “this road is not maintained for public use”. It gets REALLY rough and narrow, we parked the truck and walked about a mile and came across the springs. It was a beautiful walk.

Shadow got to hunt wild animals larger pictures of these are also in the album above.

march 7  (3) 

march 7  (4)




  march 7  (5)

This adventure is one of the best kept secrets, I really enjoyed our day.

We had to cut it a little short because it was suppose to rain, you would NOT want to get caught back on these roads during any type of wet weather. Nor would you want to plan this trip right after a rainy day.

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