Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shadow has a Soul Mate!

Shadow and Jada are bonding. For those of you that know Shadow, knows he doesn't like sharing me or anywhere around his food dish.

Then there was Jada! GEDC0007

They share the same space to eat and drink from the same dish.


Jada is liking the extra attention and enjoys sitting in Dave's chair.

Triangle T Happy Dogs 3

She has learned Shadow’s tradition of the Little White Cup and love’s that too!

GEDC0017 Every night before bed, Shadow gets a little white cup full of dog food. I use to feed it to him one piece at a time, with the 80 pound dog on my lap, lately he just gets the whole cup on the floor in front of him. 

Our neighbor last week asked me if I knew who was my best friend Dave or Shadow?

He said the way to find out was to lock both of them in the trunk for a half hour and the one who was the happiest to see me was my best friend!

Camper News! 03-1 This is taken 2 days after I let him out of the trunk! This is Shadow 1 second after the trunk experience: P1510051

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