Friday, March 5, 2010

Amerind Museum

Dave and I took a break today and went to check out the Amerind Museum.

It is hard to write about it, because neither Dave or I are much into the arts and as far as history goes; I expected more history of this immediate area. So I was a bit disappointed.

$8.00 each to get in, plus they had a donation box which confused me! Took less than an hour go go through both the museum and the art gallery.

They had some pottery and baskets, a little bit of jewelry. They had some neat things, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Hiking Around Triangle T with Dave, Shadow and Jada.

When we got back from the museum we went hiking around here for a while. Did some rock climbing and looked at some old mining spots and some caves.

The dogs, had a great time too and ran circles around us!March 4  (13) Triangle T Happy Dogs 1

I brought water along for Dave and I, good thing because we were really thirsty!


We saw some signs of spring and some cool rock formations. It was a good day. :)

March 4  (12)

March 4  (6)March 4  (7)March 4  (8) 

I love how this rock just sits there, it looks like

it should roll away!March 4  (9)

Even saw some animal tracks: March 4  (5)

It was a really nice day, tonight the dogs are pooped out and taken it easy!March 4  (39)

March 4  (37)

Now it’s my turn! good night!

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