Monday, January 31, 2011

Talent Show after the Pot Luck

Some people have talent, others like me… well that is another story!
Noah leads it off with a little help from his mom.
He sings “Open my eyes to your heart Lord” It was heart touching and awesome!
  Pot Luck Talent Show  (4)           Pot Luck Talent Show  (14)
When Noah was singing this song,  it brought tears of joy to my eyes. What a courageous young man, to share his love of life, his family and God with others!
I can’t wait to see him preform again.
                                 Next…  Pot Luck Talent Show  (29)Pot Luck Talent Show  (33)
I don’t know much about this family, but at any event they are a joy to watch.  All 3 of them are so loving and so proud of each other.
I love to watch them as one of their hands reaches out, within a second that hand is given a little squeeze, followed by a heart felt smile as if to say… I am so happy to share this moment with you.
I loved watching as this young lady got a kick out of watching her parents show the rest of us how to dance!
                    Pot Luck Talent Show  (36)
Followed by others with talent …
Who better to encourage a sing a long, than this couple shown below.
                                                 Pot Luck Talent Show  (45)
If there was an award for the most beautiful couple,they would win hands down! Their love for each other and those around them is a beautiful sight!
Initially it was he, who offered his talent for the show… but after singing a few lines of the song he picked…  He looks over to his wife and asks her to rescue him as he didn’t remember the words to the song he sang!
   She proudly stands by him, Pot Luck Talent Show  (45) confesses she doesn’t know the words  either!
Unconditional love at its finest, instead of leaving him hang, she hummed the tune of the song while he made up some words and continued to play the guitar.  Pot Luck Talent Show  (47) Pot Luck Talent Show  (48) Then they played and sang a song that everyone knew and got everyone to sing along.
This man below, was REALLY smart, he sang in Spanish, so most of us didn’t have a clue if he knew the words or not!
             Pot Luck Talent Show  (25)
This man, smarter yet, stands by his wife, played the banjo and just smiled. He didn’t even attempt to help her sing her song. (she didn’t need any help, she had a great voice and you could tell she enjoyed sharing her gift.
                  Pot Luck Talent Show  (22)
Good thing the campground is low on talent, or it would have taken me a lot longer to get this posted!

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