Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

Took a trip in the truck, since a lot of the route was on a dirt road. We didn’t see much wildlife, other than a heard of deer. We looked at a mine that was there and the old homestead.

We stopped by a couple of beaches on the way back to Blythe.
 Cibola Nature Reserve Trip  (3)
We crossed a bridge that said basically cross at your own risk. I was going to get photos on the way back, but like normal, we went a different way.
January 26, 2011 was a windy day, so instead of going back to Yuma, we went back to Cibola Wildlife Refuge, to look for more animals and to take a picture of that scary bridge!
            P1070994          P1070999
We did not see any animals, saw a few more birds and Dave saw a huge catfish and Shadow got to play with two other dogs on the beach, Tiny and Sonny.
      P1080060 P1080058 P1080054
         P1080051  P1080052
                  It was a nice day, windier than we expected, but it was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dave talked to the duck hunters and saw a big catfish roll while he was by them.

Right before the hunter and his dog showed up, the  border patrol stopped by the beach. I think they were checking out a tent camp set up in the brush off the beach. I asked them if they were afraid of a dog; they were not. One of them said that all dogs are suppose to be on a leash, but since he seemed like he was well behaved and under control, that he did not see the dog.
I thank him for having poor eyesight and told him if I found a big hunk of gold with my metal detector, that I would share it with him! LOL

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