Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looking for a horse actually horses! Mystic, Passion, Monique, Chocolate, CC, and…

These are horses that I spent a lot of time with last year, I heard that they are being boarded in Maricopa, not sure if it is the city or the county.
We will be leaving California next week some time and going right through the area of Maricopa.
The horses are Arabians. I just want to come by and say hello to them and give them a hug!
Mystic was my favorite and I will be so happy if I could just see her. The owner of the horses moved them from the ranch we worked at last year, shortly after Dave and I left to go back to Wisconsin.
The owner of the horses name is Steve, I am sure he would be okay with us stopping in to see them.
           PLEASE if you know where these horses are being boarded, leave me a comment.


Below is one of the posts I did last year:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who Ever Said the Eyes Are the Window To A Man’s Soul; Never Looked Into the Eyes of a Horse!

Mystic is like the mirror to my soul.
The characteristics of this horse intrigued me like no other. When I first met her, she appeared strong, independent and in control.
Looking a little deeper it was obvious that she was fearful and anxious and non trusting.
She wore masks similar to the ones I wore growing up in a home with an alcoholic parent.
The rules growing up: don’t talk, don’t trust, and don’t feel. Three of the hardest rules to change even as an adult.
Getting to know Mystic was a process, not just an introduction. Take nothing for granted and make no fast moves. Take all things slow and if she says go away… you back off, but don’t leave her.
Reproach slowly letting her come to you if she will. Share your fears and vulnerabilities let her know you are not above her, that you are there for her. If you feel it tell her how special she is and why. Not to soon, but if its there, tell her you love her.
Don’t try to tell her that her fears are irrational, affirm her and tell her that it must be awful to have to live with that fear.
That is just the beginning to reaching that lost soul.
You decide if I am talking about a horse or if I am talking about you or someone you know or knew.

Sometimes when I get to her pen, she has a tear in her eye. I love that she will let me wipe it away.
When I was little, I had hair down to the middle of my back. My mom did the best she could with six kids and and alcoholic husband.  Linda was the oldest of the kids, and  had a lot of the responsibility to help take care of us.
One of the things she had to do was comb out the rats nest (snarls… HUGE snarls) out of my hair. Linda would try to be gentle but of course she had to pull.
I would start to cry then scream and the more upset I got, the madder she got and the more it all hurt.
So when I am brushing Mystic, I am sharing all of this with her. I am sure the horse and anyone in ear shot would think that I am crazy!
I stopped caring for the most part what people think of things like that, a long time ago! Besides it seems to help relax Mystic.
     These are some links to blog entries on the horses from last year.

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