Thursday, March 31, 2011

Connecting With a Friend in Dragoon

Spent two weeks back in Dragoon at the Triangle T

I took a photo of the GPS coordinates, which shows the elevation at the gate being 4670 feet.feb 21  (137),
Beemer, a friend called us when we were in Blythe and he is meeting us there for a two week visit.
Dave and Beemer met two years ago near Austin, Texas where they worked together at the same campground. Then last year Beemer showed up while we were workamping at the Triangle T.
What a surprise that was and proof the world is a small place!
   feb 21  (144) Dave and Beemer both look pretty happy connecting with their old friends!
                         Beemer and Dogs 29  Beemer and Friends 14
               Beemer and Dogs 20 Pete 04

         They worked together on remodeling the cook house.   
              2011-03-04 Tri T
They did a great job replacing the torn up screens and covering up the lower half, which needed to be done after a state inspection.
They got a chance to go for a bike ride, Triangle T Feb 2011
and spend some time by the camp fire with their buddies!   2011-03-04 Tri T
For me, I spent most of my time by the horses
        Triangle T Feb 2011-1 mucking the stalls, brushing them and trimming the trees in the stalls and around the ranch.
Dave and I did some hiking with Shadow and Jada and again enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
 IMGP9034  Shadow Hike 09 
The two weeks went really fast, we said our good byes and headed for Gila Hot Springs in New Mexico!

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