Monday, February 14, 2011

The Desert Bar in the Buckskin Mountains “Nellie E Saloon”

This solar desert bar is located on an old mining camp five miles into the Desert! The road, or lack or road, is not a maintained road. It is bumpy, uneven and in some places pretty tight when trying to pass  another vehicle!
I am sure cars that don’t have four wheel drive make it there, but for me… I was glad we had it!
Once we reached the destination, it was well worth it. The Church was the first thing you could see.
    Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -4 
The atmosphere was really cool;
I loved that we could take Shadow (our dog) with us; Shadow on the other hand, wasn’t too crazy about the bridge he had to walk over to get there!   Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -5
 Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -24 (he walked very slowly and ears back and tail between his legs)
The band played excellent music and the live music started right away.
We went here on February 5th 2011, It was our 17 year wedding anniversary .  This place was amazing, my only dislike was the food. Granted is does say right on the menu that all burgers are cooked well done. I did not think that meant burnt. It taste like crap. It was crunchy and disgusting. 
Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -17 Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -18 
I knew  from reading about it online that they did not have cheese. I was going to bring my own cheese, but I forgot it! Not only did they not have cheese they also did not have tomatoes, lettuce, mayo… so there was no way to  doctor up the burnt burger.
The whole not having cheese thing irritated me; how difficult could it be to include cheese and the other condiments for people who are willing to drive this 5 mile bump fest to get there!

they even had a horse shoe pit behind the outside bar. Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -16 

    Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -27
We got there about a half hour before they opened and the place was already busy, within minutes, it was standing room only.
The buildings Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -26 are made of scrap metal: random odds and ends.

The inside bar Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -8 was also packed, they sold souvenirs in here.Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -9  
This bar lead out to one of the outside patio’s          Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -15    where you could eat, drink and listen to the music.    
The bathrooms had look out windows, that viewed the mountains, and my husband!
    Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -10  The doors on the women’s stalls   were made out of cast iron and are VERY heavy. (If you bring Grandma here, be sure to go with her to the bathroom! The pipes are built right into the rocks. I am not sure what the men’s bathroom looked like on the inside, but I do know they also had a lookout window!
The staff was friendly and the whole concept of a solar bar in the middle of the desert is a big success! Like I said, my only dislike was the burger.

The owner house, is also solar powered and is right on the property.
      There are several cool rock formations and we also saw a lizard!
                                                        Desert Bar Buckskin MTN -23
The "Nellie E Saloon" is located 5 miles off the Cienega Springs Rd exit on Hwy-95, approximately 5 miles north of Parker, Arizona. It is open on Saturday’s and Sunday’s from noon to dusk, Labor Day weekend through Memorial Day weekend.
THE BAR IS CLOSED During the week and during the HOT Summer Months.
   Below I put the link to the owners web page; he has more information, and more photos.
Click here to go to the official web page of the desert bar.

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