Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Final California Activities Before Heading Back To The Ranch In Arizona

Final California Activities Before Heading Back To The Ranch In Arizona.

We took some other motorcycle rides that I never got around to documenting, however if you are traveling in a Toy Hauler or Tow your Motorcycle behind your Vehicle, Blythe is an Excellent location to spend a couple of weeks.
From this location you have several different trips you can take ranging from a couple of hours to full day trips. If you don’t have a motorcycle, don’t worry the trips would be just as beautiful from your car, just not as much fun!
           scribble maps.com/maps

For cooler days and other types of adventures, having a four wheel drive can take you to some beautiful locations as well!
                       Our last trip was the blue line, which took us near the Salton Sea;
                                 We stopped near Bombay Beach for lunch at the Ski Inn.
On the way back, we spent an hour at the Dunes and watched others play with their toys! The Dunes were wall to wall dune buggies. We were told it is a busy weekend at the Dunes because of “Presidents Day”.
First we stopped at the look out
Then made our way down the road    
To the Glamis Store. All I could say was WOW! These machines were crazy bad!!!!
I loved this one:
                                                Glamis Trip 2  (38)
           Glamis Trip 2  (47) I asked a few guys if they wanted to trade
  their wheels for Goldie and the Shadow Box; even though they were amused I couldn’t get any one to make the deal!
                                  Sulton Sea-4

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