Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I was starting to lose hope

Just two days before leaving California  I knew that if I didn’t find the owner of these horses now;
I may never get another chance to see them.
I had sent out over 100 emails the night before. I googeled every horse ranch, rescue, blog, stable, farm that I  could find. Anything to do with horses and they got an email!
 I am sure some places got my email more than once, because I started my search  months ago and it was hard to keep track of it all.
The following night, I was working on another email I had about 50 more addresses on it; and was searching for more. When the ,”you got mail” sound came from my computer.
It was from a Ken guy I never heard of, I opened it and this it what it said, “ Cindy,  I'm so very pleased you took the time to contact me.  It sounds to me that you fell in love with the Arabian horses.  I to, am in love with them.  Mystic Airy Fame has been sold to a person in Tucson, along with Rose Queens' foal of 2010.  He is outstanding.  You would want him for your own. 
Until he mentioned Mystic, I didn’t even realize this was not just an email about the guy who owns these horses; it was from the GUY HIMSELF!
Steve, the owner went on to tell me more about his location and his phone number. He said, “Please feel free to call me at ### ###-####.  Please know in your heart, that you made a difference in my horses lives.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Steve P.”
I screamed in delight and scared the crap out of Dave, by now I am crying and Dave is like, “are you alright, what is the matter etc.”
I said through my blubbering tears, “I found my horses!” It was the greatest feeling ever! I think I felt better than the guy who got his wedding ring back a couple of weeks ago!
It was late when I got the email, so I waited until the next day to give him a call. I was so excited, I don’t think I slept more than an hour all night!
Saturday came and went and Sunday we hit the road, the first stop… to see the horses!
This was the longest 3 hour drive ever! When we got there, Dave barely had the truck parked and I was gone. The first horse I saw was Monique.
                  Triangle T Guest Ranch Horses 1
Last winter at the Triangle T. Monique was very stand offish, She did not like to be touched or approached. I was told that the previous owner was abusive to her and that Steve had rescued her.
That explained why she did not like people in her pen. I always talked to her before I went in, making sure she knew I was there. At first, when I came in, she would get as far away from me as she could.
After spending a lot of time in her pen working or just talking to her, she started to trust me a little. She let me brush her out once or twice; but mostly it was just talking. I always called her “momma” because I was told that she was pregnant.
I did not think that I made much much of a difference for her in her life.
That was until February 20th, when we got to Steve’s house.
I saw her in her pen, and said, “Hi Monique… how’s my momma!” I approached her she did not back away. I always approached her with  my hands behind my back, when I got closer, I expected that she would flea, but she didn’t, she just looked at me. I got up to the fence and stuck my head inside, I was amazed when she moved toward me.

When Monique was close enough I just blew a little,(I was told if you blow your breath into a horses nostrils they will never forget you; so I use to do it last year at the ranch) she moved even closer to me then put her face right in my face. She had a wet face and green slimmed me,  It was the most beautiful green slime I had ever seen! I did not move, expecting that she would touch and back off, but she did not move either. It was truly beautiful!
Steve later said, he was in awe to see that, because he had never seen her respond  that way to anyone; not even himself!
I also got to see Passion, CC, Rose Queen, and Chocolate! It was totally awesome. The horses looked great and they all seemed so happy being back by Steve. Recital and Mystic are near Tucson and hopefully we will get a chance to see them tomorrow afternoon.
Steve had ask Ken if he would run the horses around a little so we could see them in action. That was totally beautiful! I have more pictures of them running, but I will share more of that tomorrow as well.
           1 Feb 20 2011  (2)  1Feb 20 2011  (10)
Steve and his partner were feeding, and giving some of the horses some medicine, they let us stay on their property overnight  in our RV as it was getting late.
               Feb 20 2011 Cheyene  (37)
We could hear the Coyote’s howling in the near distance, we were told not to let Shadow out alone after dark and to check before going out.
I asked Steve and Ken if it would be alright if when I woke up, if I could come out and muck some of the stalls. I really enjoy doing that and that is how I was able to bond with the horses in the first place. I would have actually paid them to let me do it; of course I didn’t have to pay them; however I think they both thought I was nuts! 
Now that I found and saw the horses, I thought tonight  I am going to sleep like a baby; wrong! I was too busy thinking about tomorrow morning when I get to go back out by them!

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