Friday, January 29, 2010

Mucking Muckwah

It has rained and snowed off and on for several days and the horse pens are a mess! Wednesday I tried mucking some pens before the next storms came in. I managed to get 4 done before the downpour began. The crap (literally speaking) is so heavy I can’t rake the piles out of the pens, but at least I can clear the center for them so they can behave Snickerly!

Snickers is the coolest horse, he bows every time you come around with the hay wagon. He curls his right hoof. The first time he did it I thought he was hurt.
After you feed him he comes up and gives you a horse hug! And now every time he sees me, he is giving me horse kisses before I even get there! I will have to work on getting pictures of that!
When I brush Snickers, he arches his back so I get the itch spot and he nudges me if I stop brushing as to say… “hey lady, back to it”!
For a city girl, I don’t know a whole lot about horses, but I am learning, slowly…. but learning!
Horses smack their lips and nod there head as a sign of approval. At Belle’s I was still quite leery of the horses (or at least their teeth) and would have Dave feed them the carrots.
I can now feed most of them by hand  I am not nearly as afraid of those really big  teeth as I use to be! LOL
Around here I AM APPROVED! LOL

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  1. So glad you guys are having a good experience over there. Sounds like a place where we may stop in sometime in the future. Keep up the good work, your gaining a lot of good horse sense:)) AL


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