Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shadow and Passion are Friends…


We are still at the Triangle T and still enjoying our stay. They had a retreat here this past weekend, so there was lots to do. Plus we got a lot of rain and snow! I know all the Wisconsinites will like that! Shadow was thrilled and wanted snowballs non stop!


The previous weekend they had a packed saloon, with dinner reservations for customers who wanted to be there for the live music. Mary Carter and the Dragoon Mountain Boys. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!! Easy to see why it was a full house.

Anyhow, I was asked if I would help waitress at the last minute, didn’t know the menu, don’t know anything about the kinds of liquor they have or how to pronounce any of it.

So I just wung it. Customers were great, I used humor to get past my lack of knowledge and they played right along. They had two red wines one that started with a C and Marlow. One customer ordered “I will have a glass of the kind you can pronounce” LOL it was like that all night long.

Then the kinds of beer these days! Amber and MGD and etc! I was screwing up left and right, but I did REALLY good in tips so I must not have been that bad!

With the retreat they had, Linda (the owner) let me sell some of my unwanted jewelry so another plus for me!

They have the band coming back on Saturday, so I was asked to help out with waitressing again. There is only one other waitress and her name is Robin, she is the nicest lady and helped me out ALOT!

Dave got one of the Casita's tiled and was asked to work on another one. They want a storage closet turned in to a bathroom, so Dave is busy with that now.


Shadow is still happy as they get. He loves his freedom and I can’t get him inside the camper for meals. He is afraid he won’t get back outside.

triangle t 16

He has made friends with many of the horses and one of them that is really skittish and freaks out when the wind blows has warmed up to both Shadow and I. The first day I mucked her pen, she paced almost catatonically back and forth. It really freaked me out! I put my back toward her and just stood real still yet talking to her for about a half and hour. She finally came up to me. She got all nervous when Shadow came over so I went outside the pen and had Shadow come over and sit by me, she eventually came up to both of us. That was a week ago. Today when I mucked her pen, Shadow curled up in a ball on the platform outside her pen and Passion was right next to him eating. It was awesome to watch!

I will write again soon. Need to make dinner! 

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