Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Triangle T South Horse Ranch

We have been here now for two weeks plus already and I am not caught up yet!
Shadow Dave and I are really enjoying it here. Despite the fact that Shadow got kicked by Romeo, a really big horse, and was attacked by a German shepherd. In both instances his guardian dog angle must have been watching over him! He could have been trampled to death by the other 2 horses trying to get away from the first one; and the shepherd got a chunk of hair, irritated his skin, but no blood!
When we first got here, Dave was going to tile a cabin and If I felt like it, I was going to go down by the four colts, brush them and spend some time in there pen. Helping to get them comfortable around people.
The work camp deal is 24 hours a week per couple, in trade for sewer, water and 50 amp hook ups.
Personally I think it should be 24 hours per person AT LEAST. We had 34 hours in after our 2nd day! We have worked everyday and even at night too!  I never thought I could find so much joy raking and shoveling horse manure! It is called Mucking: so that make me a mother mucker!
But it is FUN and  rewarding being able to help such deserving people. The owners of the Ranch are wonderful people! They have had their share of bad times and I am so glad that we were sent this way and can be of some help to them.

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  1. Sounds like you guys are continuing to spread good will & your dedicated pace has not stopped. So glad you have found a rewarding setting & are enjoying your work so much. Sounds like Shadow is gathering up some good learning experiences as well. Take care & we're thinking of you folks...AL & The Bayfield Bunch:))


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