Saturday, February 20, 2010

TF Tiling and Remodeling Fox Valley Area, in Wisconsin is on the road!

Our Business name back home. T.F. (stands for together forever) Dave and I started the business almost 10 years ago. His work is SUPERB!

Beemer and Dave worked on these 2 bathrooms together.

Dave Remodels 4

Dave Remodels 2


Dave Remodels 2

Triangle T Guest Ranch Gets a new look!

Dave and Beemer worked together last year near Austin, Texas. They didn’t keep in touch, but got along great.

We were at the Triangle T for about a week or so and Beemer shows up! It is differently a small world!

Beemer and Dave worked on these projects together, they seem to get along good and certainly get the job done!

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  1. WOW! What beautful work! Being someone who is very aware of how the beauty(or lack of it) in our daily environment truly affects us....I can't help but feel that any guest that uses these washrooms will "feel" the fine craftsmanship and dare I say "love"?...that went into their creation!
    Thank you Dave & Cindy!


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