Tuesday, March 23, 2010

11 Tips for safe Hiking in the Desert:

First New hiking clothes for Shadow and I!snake armour
Yesterday before running into the snake, we also saw a Great Horned Owl while hiking. My crappy camera did the best it could, but I didn’t get a good photo. The first photo is the tree it is in, it is on the far right side about half way down.owl tree
Important tips for hiking in the desert:
Tip #1 The single most important rule to remember is to always bring plenty of water. It is important to stay hydrated!

  most of it went to the dogs, but it is still important! Bring Bubble gum for yourself, just in case!

I carried baggies to put their water in. But my latest trick was to put the water right in a gallon zip lock baggie. I only fill each one about a third full, let the air out and put them in my back pack.
That way when the water is gone, you don’t have to still carry around the container just an empty baggie!
Tip #2   Take time to stop and smell the roses… No sense hiking up the mountain if you aren’t going to take time to look around!

Tip # 3
Don’t over do it! Take time to rest!

If hiking with more than one… Make sure they all get as much of a break as they need. Don’t let the young whipper snappers rush your break time!
  d  (5) 
(Shadow is going to be 10 in November)
Tip number #4
If hiking with dogs, watch them closely for signs of distress.
Common in desert regions are thorns, thistles and goats heads. If you see them limping STOP and check their paws. d  (4)
Tip # 5) Bring first aid supplies.
Nothing fancy but a Band-Aid or  something to soak their paw in if you can’t find a thorn, yet they keep on limping.
sore paw 2   

Tip #6 Wear a hat, it keeps the sun from beating down on you, can also protect your face from sunburn.


     Tip # 7
Don’t forget the sunglasses!

Thank God, I hope this works!
Tip # 8 Apply Sunscreen at least an hour before you leave.Shadow clown nose( I didn’t have a photo of sunscreen, so this will have to do)!
Tip #9 Where the proper clothing. A) Dress in layers.
     B) where light colored clothing. Shadow white or blue0Shadow white shirt 7
C) Make sure you have on the proper foot ware.


Bring a light jacket, even if it is hot when you leave.
Shadow red coat
Remember Mountain temperatures can change quickly without warning.   
Tip # 10
Make sure you tell your friends where your going and when you plan to be back.

  Bring a Cell phone if you can, and get back on time! Your friends will be glad to have you back safe and sound.

  Tip #11 Don’t stand next to that Rattlesnake!


  1. Oh that poor dog... no wonder he's always got that "shoot me" face...

  2. Bubble Gum Cindy,, the wild west will never be the same!!!lol Dogs look like they stay pretty close to you. And what would the old cowboys say about the Zip-Lock canteen?/!! You are very clever!! Cool pics.

  3. A zip lock canteen... Now why didn't I think of that! LOL


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