Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time Flies Part Two + Celebrated 50th Birthday!!!! YIKES

Took some walks with Dave and the dogs DSCN4170 we took Shadow to the red barn to look for the cats, he didn’t see any… DSCN4180  we did! lol

Shiner walks away from Shadow in disgust after he marked the spot she just marked. They get real competitive that way, Shiner has even started to lift her leg to cover Shadows spots on trees! Dave and I crack up every time. It is like the dog who can hold it the longest wins!DSCN4164

We went to see the horses that were born when we were here last year, I was amazed on how big they were! They sold the horse I named FF and his mother, Memory, but all the others were still in the    mare-ternity barn! Here is Lottie and Classy DSCN4172 (He does have a few spots, but not many! Nothing like his momma!

Then we have CD (Standing) and her colt now named Cody ( I called him Tall Paul!) DSCN4235 Cody (white face)  DSCN4182 is almost as tall as CD and he isn’t even a year old yet!

Then we have Tiffany (standing) and her filly, Connie  DSCN4236 Then my favorite and first born last year on our wedding anniversary, FF now named Cory with his mom DC.DSCN4239

See the yearlings from last year, this is Power, isn’t he a handsome guy?!?!!

DSCN4198n The previous year (before we came to Deer Lake Cabins, the mares had 0ne colt and four filly’s, our first year here 4 colts and one filly! I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Time still flying by…

I made Dave promise to keep my Thanksgiving Day secret and we celebrated my 50th birthday alone  with a fire side steak dinner.

            DSCN4211 DSCN4215 DSCN4216 

                                                                It was awesome! 

The kids celebrated with me before we left. I got a talking Chicken from my daughter that says, “YOUR NO SPRING CHICKEN” It is a springy type of stuffed animal, then a book called “OLD IS THE NEW YOUNG” and a deck of cards with trivia from 1962, played cribbage with Dave on the road and learned all sorts of interesting Tibet's of information! It was fun, I got a gift card from the boys and my first ever birthday card from my granddaughter!

The weeks continue to fly by, we took shelter from a storm in the Log Cabin, I beat Dave at a game of checkers while waiting for it to pass. I brought rugs along so Shadow could walk around. (Floors are very slippery for some old dogs to walk on), Shiner enjoyed the rugs too!

  DSCN5474 DSCN5472 DSCN5473

Now it is the middle of December and I still haven’t gone metal detecting or horseback riding, now more Trees are down so no metal detecting until trails are cleaned up again!

Sally and Stan approved new tools for cutting the trees and vines! I have a Kantana Boy, Yoki,  IBUKI 390 and a HAYAUCHI 390 Pole saw (21-Feet) coming soon!!!! I love working outside and I know I will love it more with tools that are sharp enough to cut! Even though the tools stay with the ranch, it will really be like Christmas when they start showing up in the mail!



  1. 50 years old,,omg just like my youngest sista!!!,,now i feel old,,well just a lil!!!!! Sounds like you had a great birthday, and your daughter is one very funny girl!!!!!!And grandkids,,they sure add a warm fuzzy special meaning to life!!! well till next time,,,hugs Mary R,(i realize your BD was awhile ago,, but Happy Birthday To You)

    1. Thanks Mary! You always brighten my day with your comments! Your the greatest!

  2. Bet that was a blast-taking cover in the Log Cabin. Being able to take a break and play a game and unwind with the dogs. I hope I will get to go down there soon. I don't have a day planned yet. I know you all are leaving soon. I won't get to meet Shadow.

  3. Happy belated 50th birthday.
    You two seem to have such an adventerous spirit!!!
    You know how to live right, always finding the good in everything.
    Happy Trails!!!

  4. Thank You for your positive comments. Life is too short for any of us to be focusing on the negative! Thanks again!


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