Friday, January 25, 2013

Dogs are Great

Shadow and Shiner, wait around until I leave the camper, if I don’t do anything but edit pictures or work on the blog, they just lay around. Shadow usually under the RV and Shiner finds a spot in the sunshine.

When I step outside, they both come to life bouncing around and all happy! They don’t even eat their lunch until I stay outside!

No matter if we are going for a walk or I am spending hours cutting trees, these two are usually not too far from my side.

Storm Clean up 91 When I rake leaves, they are right there to help, Shadow keeps the tarp warm for me, and Shiner protects leaves by laying where I am trying to rake!

   DSCN7077 I wondered what Shadow would do if I started raking leaves on to the tarp…    DSCN7073 he just looked at me as if to say, you better not get any of that stuff on me!        

   That was it , I decided to take control of the situation and I told him to get off the tarp, you know what he did… he laughed at me!  DSCN7072 

When I was working on the trails they are both  right there to help me do that as well. If I am raking in fresh sand, they are both all too eager to lay in it, if I am working with cement, they can’t wait to run through it and if I am trimming trees with my Silky Saw, they want to stand under the limb I am cutting!

 SCN4495-001  Video 15 0 00 23-12

Some might ask me how much easier it would be for me to get stuff done if they weren’t around. My answer would be that it wouldn’t be easier at all, without them I would need to be taking happy pills and then I would still be too depressed to put my shoes on each day!

                                Like I said in the beginning, DOGS ARE GREAT!


  1. I don't know when I will actually get the chance to get back down there. I guess the maybe spring time. Might only be for the day. We have a friend whom we'd like to show the place to. Then maybe we can plan a trip for overnight stays. I was hoping to get there to meet you but looks like probably not. Anyway Shiner is so happy with Shadow. When I see Shiner again and if you are not there, I will hug her for you as well.

  2. Maybe next year we will meet... sounds good for you to hug Shiner for me anytime!

  3. Sounds like you all(especially you)are have a great time,nuttin like a couple of supervising dogs or sideline cheerleaders to be there for ya!!!!hahhaah We are good,had enuff white stuff and cold,,,bring on spring!!! how are you all doing? how's the weather/ did ya get the big snowstorm?? tilkl next time ,,hugs Mary r

  4. We missed the big snow storm! But the pan handle got 19 inches! WOW!!! The five we had on Christmas was enough for me!


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