Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Minelab x terra 705 Metal Detector Finds in Blythe CA.

We have been here a week so far and I have spent many hours hunting with my detector mainly on the beaches on and near the KOA Campground.
                                           Over $3.00 in change 2 days in a row.   
                              The Monster Truck, was buried at least a foot under sand.

I have more finds that I haven’t photographed yet, so I will get those on later in the week.
Shadow has been a big help, when my arms get tired, he takes over.

   Actually he cracks me up, if I start digging, he is right next to me digging to! Unfortunately he usually covering what I am trying to dig up!
           Detecting Dog Bridge 01Detecting Dog Bridge 04 
Dave gave up on digging, he just let Shadow do it!
We would have to dig a whole a few feet from where we really wanted to dig, to keep Shadow busy!
Shadow is really enjoying himself! He loves the water and digging!

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