Sunday, January 16, 2011

Leaving Dragoon

Dave and I enjoyed our short stay at the ranch and Dave got to reunite with his buddy Jada,

Shadow did not look nearly as happy as the two of them, and was wondering how long we were going to let her stay in the RV!

Jada did not spend as much time with us like she did last year, the ranch got a new dog (Patches) and we didn't want to have 3 dogs in the RV, so we limited our open door routine.

Another change at the Ranch was some of my favorite horses were gone. They are boarding someplace else. My good pal Mystic wasn't there anymore and every time I went by the horses, I felt sad. My heart wasn't in it like it was last year.

I found out that they are most likely in Maricopa County with a lady who boards Arabians. I emailed several ranches in that area asking if they had Mystic, Passion, Chocolate, CC (Closed Caption) Rose Queen, Recital, and my white friend Monique, but no one I contacted had them.

I would be SO happy just to say hi to them, I think once I could do that I could move on and get to know the new horses and continue my bond with the others that are still there from last year.

I know the guys name who owned these horses is Steve P. and I know he was very happy with the way I cared for his horses last year on the ranch.

If anyone knows where these horses are, PLEASE send me an email or a comment on my blog. We may only be in this area for another couple of weeks, unless we get some contracted work.

Here is a photo of the beautiful horses I am looking for to say hello to.

(If you click on the photo, it will give you a larger picture).

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