Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Colorado River KOA in Blythe California

After leaving Dragoon January 9th 2011, we drove about 6 hours and came to the Colorado River KOA in Blythe California.
                        Motorcycle Ride to Lake Havasu 165

Dave was able to line up some work camping hours in return for our site. They only require 15 hours of work, that means Dave is going to be bored silly!
We do plan on taking several road trips from here, so that will help pass his time!
Beautiful Campground, the sunsets are unreal. The view of the Colorado River is spectacular.
Blythe CA KOA  (12)      P1070724
             Blythe CA KOA  (7)
   They have a beautiful beach      P1070721
and a humongous boat ramp right on the Colorado River.
  This campground is right on the CA and AZ border, right off of highway 10, it is so close to the border, that cell phones get confused with what time it is, they have a tendency to bounce back and forth between time zones.
                  A watch or wall clock is definitely a more accurate measure of time!

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