Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finding the Arabian Horses… Day Two

Got up early and went out by the horses, I mucked a few of the pens, Steve came out later and invited me to the big area to stand in the middle as the horses ran. That was so cool!
           Feb 21 2011 041 run

It was so Beautiful to watch them all move.  I have never seen Steve’s horses run! At Triangle T, they didn’t have the opportunity to run, they just stayed in there pen. 
Monique started falling behind, and I encouraged her to keep going, she picked up her pace, passed
Rose Queen and then looked my way to make sure I was watching!
             1 Rose Queen and Monique Feb 21 2011 059 
The horses would run a few laps, then stand as far away from Steve as they could, then watch intently to see if he was going to notice!
                    Feb 21 2011 032 run not 
                  Steve would walk toward them and they would all take off running again!

                           Feb 21 2011 068 run
Passion was so Beautiful , when she would run she would throw her head back and fan her tail.
        Passion Feb 21 2011 067       Passion Feb 21 2011 01008    
       Passion Feb 21 2011 01009        Passion Feb 21 2011 01014
                                              She is so majestic.
                      Rose Queen is also looking mighty fine! She too is a beautiful Horse.
         Rose Queen and Passion Feb 21 2011 061    Rose Queen Feb 21 2011 055
                           Rose Queen Feb 20 2011  (30)
                                       She loves to  make faces.
Chocolate I found out is spelled Kchocolate, he is still the sassiest horse I have ever met!
             I can not get over how much he has grown up and how strong he looks!
                                    Kchocholate Feb 21 2011 08137
   He is very handsome, Kchocholate Feb 21 2011 08108  Playful  Kchocholate Feb 21 2011 08118
  and fast.        Kchocholate Feb 21 2011 08121
The rest of the horses are just as beautiful. I will post the rest of the pictures on my Picasa photo album.
              Dave and I left around noon, and made it in time to see Mystic and Recital.
                         feb 21  (10) ALI's Horses and Property 041    feb 21  (10) ALI's Horses and Property 102                                      
            feb 21  (10) ALI's Horses and Property 044   feb 21  (10) ALI's Horses and Property 043   m feb 21  (10) ALI's Horses and Property 104
Mystic came right up to the fence to see me, but the other horse moved in front of her and she backed off. I couldn’t go in the pen to see her, the person who now owns her wasn’t home.
Recital was too busy eating to acknowledge us;
             feb 21  (10) ALI's Horses and Property 067 feb 21  (10) ALI's Horses and Property 115
                   but the ponies came right up to us so we could take a lot of photos!
      feb 21  (10) ALI's Horses and Property 077  feb 21  (10) ALI's Horses and Property 056 feb 21  (10) ALI's Horses and Property 078
             I got to see all of the horses and that has made me very happy.
                        Thank you again Steve for making that possible.
To see all the photos of the horses please click the link below.
Horse Pictures

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