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Information pertaining to Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch

I have recently received two comments on my blog; I don't usually do my blog while we are back home in WI, but because of the importance of this information, I felt compelled to share this with the rest of you.

The first comment was Anonymous, with a link to a video I could not even watch beyond the first minute! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkWmTQlaqt0

If the link does not work, just Google "Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch" and I am sure you will be able to find it.

By Anonymous: on Belle Starr’s Silverado Ranch in Douglas, AZ on 7/14/11”

youtube belle starr silverado ranch and know the truth!

From the Bayfield Bunch:

Hi Cindy & Dave, Az.  stepped in and confiscated some of Belle's livestock. I can send you the links if you want. Some recent helpers had contacted us and it wasn’t good. I'm trying to find out about the dogs. Hope you 3 are well. We lost Checkers & Max in May within a week of each other. VERY difficult. We still have little Cora. Kelly By THE BAYFIELD BUNCH on Left Dragoon and Headed for the Gila Mountain area... on 7/18/11

This was my response to her and Al:

I would love to get the links and continue to learn more about what is going on there.

I got an anonymous comment on my blog last week with a link to a utube video.

That inspired me to send this to Mike Duffey who is an animal cruelty investigator in Tucson, Arizona:

“Hi Mike,

My name is Cindy; I called you Saturday at 11:30 a.m. and told you that I would send you this link.

(same as the one above) Please let me know when something has been done, I could not watch this video in its entirety; I am still shaking and crying. I can not believe this.

My second email to Mike: I have since learned that 12 animals were removed and there was a court hearing on July 06, 2011 to see if she could get them back.

My husband and I were on her ranch in 2009 in December, I posted information on my blog mostly a plea to help Belle get things back on track and to help improve the condition of the animals and their living environment.

Through my blog and/or emails from people I have met as a result of being at Belle's, I have been informed at times of some of the conditions in 2010. I know she was under investigation for animal neglect in 2010 as well.

What happens is that boondockers, like us come along, looking to trade free camping in return for some hours of work and that is how we stumbled upon her place.

When we first came to Belles, we tried to help as much as we could. But like many others before us and several after us the realization sets in that it is an up hill battle. I know of other boondockers and passer byes that have spent their own money trying to make things just a little bit better. Eventually we all have to move on and then things just sit until someone else happens along.

I think this is how she keeps dodging the bullet. It appears to the county that things are improving; but what they may not know is that NONE of it is on an on going basis; so things quickly deteriorate. This cycle just goes until the next RV’er comes along.

I also know that there were horse remains on the property when we were there two years ago, because we saw one. We were told it got a disease of some sorts and died. We did not think any more of it.

I was just wondering if you knew what was happening there or if you thought this type of information could be of any help to the County. I would love to see all of the animals removed from that ranch.

I can't believe that anyone could watch this video and think that any animal should be left behind.

If you have any thoughts or comments I would really appreciate it!

Thank You in advance for your efforts to try to prevent animals having to go through life like this.”

Back to my note to Kelly:

I sent this email on Saturday and have not gotten anything back from him yet.

I gave Mike my full name and phone number and gave him permission to use this information if he needed to in order to get results. I don’t care if Belle finds out; these animals need to be protected.

So yes, please do send me any links on any other developments and I will do the same thing on my end.

I am very sorry to hear about your dogs, I can’t imagine having to deal with the loss of one at a time, let a lone 2!

Thank you so much for contacting me, I hope all is good your way.

Thanks again,


So that is all I know so far, I would be very interested in links and more information if anyone has any. I am not capable of watching some of the videos or looking at the pictures, but I will post as I see appropriate.

I have emailed the person who posted the video on utube and thanked her, I hope this information does not go unnoticed by those with the power to do something about it!

Have a great summer everyone, I will be back in November or sooner if I have something to share!

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  1. Belle Starr had all her animals taken away from her minus the donkeys which are soon I believe from what I was told. The meeting about it is this Saturday.

    Belle has said she has got an attorney and plans to take me to court for my video and her animals getting taken from her. She never once paid for feed while I was there BUT NONE of the animals ever went without feed while I was there either. At first I felt bad for her but then I started feeling bad for the animals and decided to stay a total of 3 1/2 weeks.

    All of the stuff I have recently read on her blog states that Phantom has died soon after returning to her ranch, like within a week of it. I have disturbed what she calls "Muscular Sclerosis" instead of "Multiple Sclerosis" So I am not sure if she even has it... I feel like I was con'd and used.

    You can also go to Google and type KVOA Arizona rancher wants her horses returned to see a video that was on the news about a lot of it.

    She treated me as a slave, never a human. She has made up so many lies to make me look like a bad person.

    You can contact me at eatmorechicken@frontier.com

    If you have anything that could possibly assist me in court information wise... (that is if she really brings me) then please let me know.

    Rachel Rutherford


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