Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2011 2012 Winter Season Seasonal Work Responsible Couple Looking for Work in exchange for RV Hook ups and/or for Hire

My husband and I are leaving Wisconsin in late November and traveling somewhere warm! We stay down south until the first week of April.

We are looking for a place where we can work approx.10 hours a week each or 20 hours from one of us in exchange for full RV hook ups. We would work more hours for pay or all of it for hire if you weren’t able to accommodate us with RV Hook Ups and there was someplace close by to stay.

Last year we both worked in a bar and grill at a Guest Ranch, did some fence building, general landscaping, tree pruning and more! We can do all different kinds of work, but are the happiest when it is on a horse ranch! We love the animals the atmosphere and the work! Also we have a dog and love being someplace where he doesn’t always have to be tied up!

Neither of us are wranglers, but Dave has taken the back position on many trail rides. He really enjoys riding and socializing with everyone. He would love to do the whole dude ranch thing where he could cook and sit around the fire and talk to the guests.

For me, I get a long with everyone and can do the socializing thing, but honestly I’d rather be talking to The horses! If there are stalls with horses in them, I would rather in there mucking or brushing them then riding them! I was told I would make an excellent horse talker, (I don’t remember what it was called, but someone who talks to them and gives off a positive energy). I was a therapist for 26 years and I am a natural when it comes to interpersonal communication. What I learned two years ago is that the horses seem to benefit from these skills too!

Dave skills are in a whole different area, I don’t consider him to be a “Jack” of all trades, he is more like the “Master” of all trades! We own and operate a small Tile and Remodeling Company. He has been doing this for 12 years now, and has never gotten negative feedback from anyone! His work ethic and skills are excellent! He is for hire for skilled work while we are on the road too!

Depending on the type of work you would have for us would depend on the wage we would ask for. If it is work that any general hire could do; I am sure your normal hourly rate will be acceptable. However, If you are looking for a skilled contractor and want to have something built or rebuilt or have some remodeling projects, that is another story. Back home he charges $40.00 an hour. While we are on the road, he will work for $25.00 to $35.00 an hour, depending on what discounts he will give based on the accommodations/amenities you are offering in exchange. He will even give you a discount if you can line him up with another remodeling type of job.

Last year he remodeled a cabin, a cook house, and a Casita; he also refurbished FEMA trailers and built new troughs at a horse ranch.

I will send you a copy of our resume upon request.

Thanks for Looking!

Cindy and Dave

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