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Professional Couple Looking For Ranch Work For Winter of 2011- 2012 in a Warm Climate

Preferred States: Texas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and etc.

My husband Dave & I are leaving WI in late November we are looking for work. We are Responsible, Quiet, Don’t Drink or Smoke & have No Criminal Record!

We own and operate a small family business called TF Tiling and Remodeling LLC. We have been in this business for the past 11 years. All of our customers could be used as references, because we have never had one that wasn’t 100% satisfied!

Dave’s skill level and work ethic is the key to our success. He does an excellent job no matter how big or small. He works hard, gets the jobs done on time and requires no supervision. He has done all sorts of carpentry work ranging from small repairs to building a house! (I can send you photos of past jobs upon request). He also can operate just about any type of heavy machinery and he does have a CDL license! (Commercial Drivers License).

(Make sure you read through the whole posting so you know what we do besides tile and remodeling work)!
You can hire 1 of us or both of us, for 1 week or a few months! We would love to find a temporary job that will last anywhere from one week to a couple of months. We would prefer a place where we can hook up our RV. All we really need is electricity; but sewer and water would be fantastic! We have a beautiful 40’ fifth wheel Toy Hauler. Dave brings all of his tools with him and he can use our truck to pick up supplies!

We can do all different kinds of work, but are the happiest when it is on a horse ranch! We love the animals the atmosphere and the work!

We have a dog and love being someplace where he doesn’t always have to be tied up!

Last year Dave was hired to refurbished FEMA trailers, remodel cabins, Casita's, and park models. He remodeled a cook house, built new troughs, fence repairs and all kinds of general maintenance. (I don’t consider Dave to be a “Jack” of all trades; he is more like the “Master” of all trades)!

I (Cindy) did general work around horses including mucking, brushing and making improvements to their stalls. I was told by a ranch owner that I would be and excellent imprinter. I felt humbled by such a compliment! (I was a therapist for 26 years) so when it comes to interpersonal communication it comes to me naturally. What I didn't know is that the horses seem to benefit from these skills too!

I have also been hired to do metal detecting work on private property. Last year I was hired by a ranch owner in Arizona and recovered civil war relics for them.

Dave has taken the back position on many trail rides even in rough terrain. He really enjoys riding and socializing with everyone, I know he would love to do the whole dude ranch thing where he could cook and sit around the fire and talk to the guests! For me, I can do the socializing thing, but honestly I’d rather be talking to the horses! Neither of us has a whole lot of experience pertaining to horses, but what we lack in or knowledge we make up for with love and we learn quickly!

Depending on the type of work you would have for us would depend on the wage we would ask for. If it is work that any general hire could do; I am sure your normal hourly rate would be acceptable. If you are looking for the skills of a professional Contractor, a fair wage would need to be offered. We would consider any amenities such as RV hook ups, Wi-Fi, cable and etc. as part of the wage.

I have a photo album on Picasa (Google's Photo Page) This has photos of us and some of our past jobs. It will show you some of our adventures as well. Click on the photo below it will bring you to the photo album, (when you get there click on any photo to make it larger then use the arrow by the photo to go through them).

RV Work

If you are interested in discussing this further, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Thank You in advance for your consideration of our resume.

Cindy and Dave

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