Monday, November 7, 2011

Contractor With RV Looking For Seasonal Work: Development / Excavation or Any Type of work.

This would be my husbands idea job! We are a Semi retired RVing couple looking for work in a warmer climate for the winter months (the end of November 2011 – the first week in April.  Last year I cleared trees and and leveled the ground.  Blythe-604I also planted new trees in the new area in the camp ground. I also formed up cement patios pads, also installed patio pavers, ran electrical and sewage piping for new sites.
Blythe-610 This was at the KOA in Blythe California, This park was located right on the Colorado River, While we were here, I also did some remodeling work. Put a bathroom in the living quarters for their regular maintenance man!trade days3  This was in Arcadia Louisiana, where I also did some grounds work and some building repairs. Dave has farm experience and has his CDL license. He can drive just about anything. (If there is something he hasn’t driven, I am sure he could learn VERY quickly! 
Cindy and Shadow did some public speaking and education. KOA POSTER
Blythe-607 Blythe-606
We also recovered a lost wedding ring for a friend of the owner of the resort. They hired someone two years ago to find the ring and had no luck. But with my assistant Shadow;
 Blythe Detecting Dog  (2)  and my Minelab x terra 705 metal detector, we  took turns digging Detecting Dog Bridge 09  and we found it! IMGP8863
We also cleaned up the swimming beach of broken glass, bottle tops and all sorts of things lurking under the sand! bad  finds  (1)1

These are just some of the jobs we can do and are available for hire starting the end of November. You can continue to scroll down this page or go to my most recent entry's and you will find cover letters, resume, job experiences and if you want to know ALL about us, keep on reading!
There are some pretty funny stories, heart touching moments and RV tips that we have shared on the road. The most viewed pages include these: When do Rattle Snakes Come out of Hibernation, 11 Tips for Safe Hiking, and Dave locking himself in the tool shed! Look around, have fun. If you are interested in hiring us for any amount of time for this winter, please send me an email.
I will send you more information, answer questions and etc.

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