Sunday, January 29, 2012

Horseback Riding at the Double S Ranch

For the first time since Dave and I have been here, we saddled up some horses and went for a horseback ride. He was going to go by himself, because I haven’t been a big fan of riding on oversized dogs! LOL

That’s what Dave says to others when he talks about why I don’t enjoy horseback riding. I am always afraid the horse is going to get hurt.

Anyhow, I was pretty stressed out, because Kodiac Cody (1)the horse that Dave rode, seem to have his own ideas on what it wanted to do! Dave handled him very well. My horses name was Kody Kody (1) and he was awesome. Kody liked to play catch up, so I nick named him Cantering Cody! It was fun, until he started cantering down a hill, then I was a little freaked out!

sunday horseback 5 horseback ride 08 

We were going to leave Shadow at home, because we weren’t sure how he would do with me up on the horse.  I knew I would enjoy my ride more  if I wasn’t feeling bad about Shadow being locked up in the camper, so we took our chances!

sunday horseback 4 

Besides we knew if we left Shadow at home, Shiner would follow us anyhow so we let the two of them come with us on the ride.

They ran ahead for part of the ride, horseback ride 71 ran between us some of the time horseback ride 03 and ran off into the woods chasing the deer, the rest of the time!

They both did AWESOME and the horses didn’t care one way or the other! We rode over by our RV so the dogs could get a drink of water. horseback ride 06 

We headed back to the stables after that and brushed the horses down and got them back in their stalls. It was really cute as we were riding into that area, Buttercup, the donkey was waiting to greet his buddies back. horseback ride 57

On the way back to the RV we stopped by the Red Barn to show Johnny his treasures (the things I found while metal detecting in his yard). It was pretty funny because Johnny  said he wanted two thirds of all the finds, so I wanted to square things up with him! 

        horseback ride 452         ALL Junk! I dug up all of the    nails and staples in his sand driveway so he wouldn’t have to worry about getting a flat tire.

I also dug up an antique cookie cutter, an 1850’s Poultry scale, 48 cents     horseback ride 48 and a bunch of bullet Casings!

Also an old farm tool brake,  and some other misc. things.sunday Johnny's  06

So as you can see… even if I gave him all of it, he wasn’t going to be able to retire on what I found! LOL                               

We let him get back to caring for his horses horseback ride 67 and we went on with our day.

It was a beautiful day!


  1. Horseback riding is a hobby for many people because of the relaxation and enjoyment it provides.

    Horseback Riding Bryce Canyon

    1. Thank you for commenting, Bryce Canyon must be a beautiful place to horseback ride too!


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