Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shiner Makes going for a Motorcycle Ride a little Challenging!

Dave and I are trying to leave the resort so we can play tourist on the motorcycle. Shadow is tucked safely away in the RV, but how are we going to get out the gate without Shiner following us!

It called for the use of the mule and the help of a stranger!

Dave rode the Motorcycle to the gate and I tried following him in the mule, but Shiner ran right beside me the whole way. Dave parked the motorcycle and waited for me to run Shiner to the red barn on the mule

But when I got there, she refused to get out! jan20   motorcycle 01 She doesn’t wear a collar and I didn’t have a leash, so I had to take the cord off my camera and use that as a collar and asked a lady at the barn to please hold her until we got outside the gate! jan20   motorcycle Ride 09

I am thinking great… now I have two dogs who make me feel guilty if I leave the ranch with Dave for a while! LOL

We drove around the country roads and went through many small towns, we stopped in Winnsboro, Texas and walked around some of the historic town, jan20   motorcycle Ride 02 jan20   motorcycle Ride 06 jan20   motorcycle Ride 08

After we left there we drove into Mount Vernon for lunch, we were going to stop in the museum there but it had closed 5 minutes before we got there! Oh well, we had a great day anyhow and headed back to the ranch.

When we got back to the gate Dave let me off the bike so I could bring the mule home. On the way to our RV we ran into Johnny, I went to the RV to let Shadow out while Dave and Johnny chatted for a bit.  jan20   motorcycle Ride 10-1 ( I sometimes call Dave “Chatty Cathy”

When we got out, both dogs are thrilled and greet us happily!  Shiner waits for us in a hole she digs, just outside our camper. jan20   motorcycle Ride 12 Shadow barks from inside the camper until I let him out so he can join in on the reunion! jan20   motorcycle Ride 11

That was about a week ago, today I took our truck into town and I was wondering what Shiner would do because I didn’t thing I could get her up in the truck. I pulled out Shadow’s step stool and was waiting patiently for him to remember how to use it. 

He stands on the first step with his front paws and can’t figure out what to do with his back paws!  I was pretty sure Shiner wouldn’t even give the stool a try, but no sense worrying about that. She was sick of waiting for Shadow and managed to jump up on the chrome nerf bar between Shadow, the stool and I and took up her place on Shadow’s comfy bed in the back seat!

Both Shadow and I looked at each other, like how in the heck did she do that! With me standing there next to the stool there isn’t any room at all for her to do what she did! I guess anything is possible when determination is a factor! There is no way she was being left behind!

Her problem came when we got back, Shadow knows to jump to the floor of the truck to the nerf bar to the ground, Shiner refused to give it a try. She sat on the seat looking at me like, “lady, how are you going to get me out of this thing”!

I didn’t know what to do, so I cleared all the stuff off of the floor, moved the seat back as far as I could and patted my hand on the floor telling her to jump here, she just looked at me like I was nuts! After about 5 minutes of this game, I just left the truck door open and got into the mule, and pretended like I was leaving. It was just like magic, after her “don’t you leave me” mode set in, she jumped right out!

                   Shiner and Shadow are just as much alike as they are different,

                                2 Animals  (15)1 

                                     they make everyday I live so much brighter!


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