Saturday, January 28, 2012

Been Metal Detecting with my x terra 705 in East Texas

Took a trip to Lake Cypress with Dave and the dogs jan20  (122)and did some metal detecting in different places (All my detecting is done on Private property with land owners knowledge and consent). jan20  (128)
Any how, I always find things I can’t identify so I started using the forum “What is it?” on T-Net ( Treasure Net). I joined this site last march and finally used it for the first time a few weeks ago! This forum allows you to post your photos and a description of your find and other detectorist help you figure out what it is.
They have been VERY helpful on there and I have learned SO much.
Whenever I go detecting, I usually have the two dogs following me and watching over me.
Large photos and more photos of the dogs detecting can be seen by clicking the link below:
Click Here For Detecting Dog Photo Gallery
Shadow has the most fun when I detect in water, he loves to dig in the hole I am trying hard not to stir up! Detecting Dog Bridge 09 Blythe Detecting Dog  (1) Shiner just loves to dig holes anywhere! detecting dogs

It was a treat to have my husband along even if I had to promise I would quit in an hour! ClockLOL
Since we have been in Texas, I have found some cool things identified by people on the forum.
The coolest thing I found since my last posting was a Civil war era British-made Enfield model-1853 rifle's buttplate. Not the gun, just the buttplate. I was told  with its distinctive number-marking that was on it meant it was imported across the Atlantic ocean to America during the civil war years.
How cool is that! I thought it was a hunk of bent up metal with numbers on it! DSCN3644 DSCN3639
I have found more rusted cast iron whatchamacallits than anything else, and each dig is like opening a present! Around the ranch I dig everything on the roads, so that means I have more nails than the local hardware store!  In the woods I am a little more selective at which tones I will dig, but I do pick up all the trash I see and or dig.
I spent two days over by Johnny’s House and dug more nails than I care to count, but I also found an old poultry scale that may date back to the 1850’s. Ring thing 1 another jack knife and some other cool things. I don’t have photos of the other things yet, but when I do it will be in my photo album of metal detecting finds, which you can click on the link to view if you would like to see my rusty gold!
 Detector Finds:
I learned a few things about detecting places with lots of acreage, and that is take notes! I have NO idea where I dug that buttplate from. I can narrow it down to five places, but if I knew for sure, I would cover that area VERY carefully!
Another thing I learned is if you don’t know what it is, don’t throw it in the scrap heap pile! (I had to dig the buttplate out of my junk pile when I found out what it was! Thank goodness I didn’t get rid of that pile of junk yet!


  1. Hi cindy, sounds like a lot of fun. Ive been looking at metal detectors. What are you and shiner and shadow gonna do when its time for you guys to leave..

    1. Probably cry a lot, seeing how Shiner will be staying here! I am so use to having her around! As far as metal detecting goes, be careful... It is addicting! Thanks for commenting!


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