Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Giving Shiner a bath before the next Thunderstorm.

                          jan20  (147)

What do you do when your dog is afraid of thunderstorms?

Well for starters… give them a bath before the storms set in!

Shiner Had Her 10th Bath while staying in our RV! jan20  (152) 

Shiner usually slept outside or in a guest cabin if someone would let her in. So it would only make sense that the good ole wild animal smell would be all over her! jan20  (154)

Even after 9 baths, the stink still came back within a few hours, it was really set in strong.

Finally after number 10, she smells like a dog, a clean dog! She has gone almost five days without the smell! jan20  (155) 

We give her a bath before each forecasted thunder storm because she is terrified of them. She barks at the thunder and at the lightening and goes into attack mode running at the door.

She gets so worked up and whines and wants to be right next to a human after the sound is gone. She usually ends up on the bed, so the smell problem was an issue.

I will share all things with animals, but I draw the line at my pillow! Well I thought I did. LOL

The last storm, Shiner jumps up on the bed and walks to the head of the bed, I put my head up to get the flashlight so I could see what she was doing and she sits on my pillow! I couldn’t get her off the pillow so I got up and went to the bathroom, that is when she got off my pillow but laid down on my side of the bed! I didn’t have the heart to move her, so I grabbed my pillow and slept on the couch! (Actually there is no sleeping until the storms pass)!

Shiner jumps on the bed after the thunder stops then jumps back off the bed the next time it thunders again; most of the time she lands right on top of Shadow!

Shadow has been awesome toward her about this and doesn’t even get upset with her. I think even he feels sorry for her.

After the last storm, it took her all day to get over it. She went the whole day without eating and has this look of guilt all over her face.  jan20  (153)

We have tried to correct the behavior but nothing seems to work consistently. Sure would be open to suggestions on this! Please feel free to post any comments in the comment section (in the margin on the right side of the page).

watch 011211a05 Shiner Barks at Thunder, Gun shots, Hawks and other big birds that fly over her and when the coyotes howl…

1 animal 03 Shadow on the other hand barks at people who are walking or driving by, people riding or walking a horse, knocks at the door, and when Dave or I say “hello”!

                                        Together they have things pretty well covered,

                                                    nye (8) 

                                               except neither of them bark at cats!

Things that get Shiner to hide under the table: Clicking noises like the refrigerator latching, the clicker for the gas stove, pressing into an aluminum can and other noises like that!

Things that get Shadow to hide under the table are: Thunder Storms and when it is time to get his nails clipped.

Things that get them both under the table: Is when we are eating a steak dinner and… their monthly dose of flea and tick medicine! DSCN3941 Shiner Looks like she is saying… “He can’t get us under here”! Shadow looks like he is saying, “oh crap, you wanna bet”!


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  1. Nice to see her getting some TLC. Yes she smells pretty yucky sometimes but we let her up on the sofa and she loved it. I had no idea she was afraid of storms, then again, I had one or two dogs that were as well.

    1. She use to charge at our door and bark every time it thundered. We can't wait to get back and see here again, if you are there or you see here before I do give her a hug for me and Shadow too!

    2. I will definitely give her a big hug. I miss her. I know you do too.


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