Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Had some guests staying at the Log Cabin From Wisconsin!

While Dave was renovating Cedar Loft a few weeks ago, some guests arrived for a stay at the log cabin.

Dave got to talking to them and found out they were from Wisconsin! We invited them over for a couple of campfires while they were here and really enjoyed their company.

Jayme didn’t like her photo taken, so I respected that. She didn’t mind if I photographed their dog, so I have a couple photos of Lilly to share on the blog. thursday  (24)  Lilly is a beautiful dog what cracked me up the most is the fact that she is a lap dog like Shadow! While we were enjoying their company sitting around the fire, Lilly wanted to sit on Jayme’s lap so up she went!

Lilly isn’t a little dog and lawn chairs are barely big enough for a human, I wished I could have gotten a photo of that!

Shadow and Shiner got along great with her, that is after Shiner quit pouting! She was upset because Shadow had eyes for another girl! I would add LOL, but the first night they came over, Shiner went into the camper and didn’t come out until they were leaving. She didn’t want to watch Shadow flirting with that blonde! thursday  (21) And flirt he did! The next day Shiner was back to her old self and joined the festivities! Shadow must have had a talk with her last night! LOL

                                         jan20  (96)

          thursday  (23) thursday  (24) They all played together and had a great time, I wished I would have gotten better photos, but these are all I got!

What a pleasure it was meeting Jayme, Dan and Lilly, they have been keeping in touch with us by email and that is very nice. I hope our paths cross again!

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