Monday, February 13, 2012

“Mare”ternity Barn! Colts and Mares at Deer Lake Cabins


Every day Shadow and I go to the Maternity Barn Barn  (1) and bring all the mares a present …. a handful of greens.

I always watch Precious’ Stall when I start picking because she has an uncanny ability to know exactly what I am doing! If I go up there and don’t pick anything she will stay facing the other direction. It cracks me up every time. 

The last time Dave walked up to the barn with me, I told him to watch Precious’ stall. We were just standing there talking for a few minutes and there was no sign of Precious. I said to Dave, ” watch this,” then I started picking clovers Precious0 1 and lo and behold there she stood watching my every move!

All of these horses were use to being outside and being able to graze on the grass and the clovers whenever they wanted to. Since they don’t have that option in the barn, I see to it that they each get at least a handful each day.

I also go so I can watch the mares interact with their colts they are developing their personalities. I love  seeing how they are changing. It is really an awesome experience.

I really enjoy watching DC, as she continues to be a very nurturing momma. 

                                         Colt Day 6 07 

I have been calling the oldest little guy “FF” since he was born on February Fifth and the other one FN for February Ninth. It may be a while before they get their real names, so this is my way to differentiate the two.

The neatest thing I have seen this week is watching DC teach FF to trust. The first few days DC always put herself between FF and Shadow and I. The other day we were by the gate to their stall and DC nudged FF in our direction. 

FF took a couple of steps in our direction and stopped Colt Day 5 FF  (3)  DC gave him another nudge Colt Day 5 FF  (3) and  the little guy then came up to the gate and stood right in front of Shadow and I. Colt Day 5 FF  (19) This next photo wasn’t on zoom, he was that close. I didn’t want to move and risk the chance of scaring him, so I just snapped the photo! Colt Day 6 04

He is now just a little over one week old, I ad photos to the photo album on a regular basis, so even if I don’t have a blog entry about the colts for awhile, you can still go to the photo album and see the latest pictures.

To see the photo album of DC and FF Click HERE

Now as far as FN and Memory goes, that is a different story! FN 2 Second Day  (7)

FN senses when the dogs are around and is very good at going to the other side of his stall when they are near.If FN doesn’t respond fast enough according to his momma, Memory will pin her ears all the way back  FN 0 First 2 hours  (6) and when that happens FN moves very quickly!

There isn’t a see through fence on their stall so FN has never seen Shadow or Shiner and visa versa, well… almost!

Shadow  has known that there was a little guy in that stall since the day he was born. When we go into the barn Shadow will sit in front of the solid door on their stall, he tilts his head from one side then to the other, then he will do this “AR… AR… AR” thing; he isn’t whining and he isn’t barking, he is just talking.

Last night Dave came with us to the Barn and helped Shadow get a glimpse at the newest little guy!

                                                        FN Shadow 

                                                 So now Shadow has seen the new colt!

Today when I went in the barn with the dogs, Shadow goes over to FN’s stall and looks at me as if to be saying, “come on momma, lift me up so I can see”! I told him unless he can change himself into a Yorkie, that wouldn’t be happening!

Memory is doing much better than I thought she was going to do, the first day FN was working in all directions to try to get her to stand so he could get some milk. FN 1 First full day   (4)  

  FN 1 First full day   (2)  FN 1 First full day   (1) FN 1 First full day   (3)  FN 1 First full day   (5)

                                                  FN 2 Second Day  (12)

Now everyday I go to take photos, I have to wait until he is done nursing to get a half way decent photo!

I have a photo album with several photos of FN and Memory that I add photos to on a regular basis. You can link to that photo album and see the new photos anytime, you don’t need to wait until I do my next post on them to see them grow!

Click here for photos of Memory and FN

I can’t wait until Precious gets closer, I think Johnny said around the 19th, which would be really cool, that would be Grandma’s birthday!

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