Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Final Weekend on the Ranch!

Planning to leave (on Sunday),  We had planned some horseback riding and some mule riding and a little bit of fishing! Friday we went for a horseback ride with Johnny, Saturday Morning, Dave and I cruised around on one of the mules, This was the first time we went out just to play on one of them.

When we first got to the ranch we used them to check it out a little bit and to get from point A to point B. We ALWAYS had the dogs with us, so we drove slow so they didn’t get hurt on the bumps; OR if they were running along the side, we didn’t want to make them have to run too fast! 

Needless to stay, we had a blast driving around the different trails, with the recent rain it made it even more fun! 

We drove up by Honey Moon Hill, so I could take some photos of Dave’s finished project on the way, he saw a turtle, it was really far from water, so he stopped and gave it a ride to the pond area at Honey Moon Hill.

                The mules are so  much fun, even the turtle didn’t want to stop!

    DSCN7012 DSCN7019

While Dave walked the turtle closer to the water, I went inside the cabin to take the photos. DSCN7084 The turtle was really cool looking, it had  the ability to not just pull its head inside the shell, it could actually close it like a hatch back!   DSCN7081 DSCN7080 How cool is that!

         Johnny had asked us out to eat Saturday evening to say our good byes.

We wanted to spend the time with him, but had asked him if he wouldn't mind if we made dinner at the RV and had a campfire instead. He was fine with that, and it gave us more time to visit!


Dave made chicken on the grill and we all ate too much! Johnny brought a half gallon of Strawberry Banana ice cream, and despite our fullness, none of us could resist!

Sat by the fire when we were done, I was disappointed that I was too full for a smore! LOL

After Johnny left, I asked Dave if he wouldn't mind if we left on Monday instead, there was still so much to do plus we could go horseback riding one more time!

So Sunday we went horseback riding and while we were gone, Stan and Sally left a voice mail for Dave asking if we wanted to go out for lunch or dinner.

The phone showed a missed call, but no voice mail, the voice mail finally showed up on Tuesday!

A little too late, but we did get together with them for a while on Sunday and Monday.

I will write about that later along with our great fishing expedition on Dream Lake!


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