Monday, March 29, 2010

What Was I So Afraid Of?

With the snake I saw last week, one would think that a rabbit would be much more fearful than I!

A friend of mine who knows I hate receiving jokes forwarded off of someone's email group list, sent this to me.  Click Here: Bad Ass Rabbit

This was hilarious! I don’t mind getting a joke now or then if it applies somehow to us or our life.  I just hate it when I go to open my email and I have 25 new emails from the same person with every joke they received!

So this Bad Ass Rabbit was an excellent example of the type of joke to send me!

It is a utube video, if you don’t like to open links, just go to utube and type in Bad Ass Texas Rabbit The video is 58 seconds  long.

And really funny if you ever encountered or thought about what it would be like encountering a Rattlesnake.

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