Thursday, January 10, 2013

Looking out the RV Window on Day 4

Had my morning cup of coffee and was wondering where Shiner spent the night, I went over to the window and this is what I saw:  DSCN4223 The next day I saw this…          

             DSCN4212      and the next…

                                                   DSCN4224 and so the story goes!

I got lucky and Dave joined me for Campfires for three nights in a row, so I had help getting myself in the RV without having to deal with seeing Shiners Sweet face! The fourth night I was on my own. When I got done cutting trees and clearing trails, Dave was already in for the night.

So I did my first campfire by myself.      

Eastern Screech Owl Sounds, Dog Ruffing and 2 Homo-Sapiens!

It was still light out when I started the fire, but as it got darker and I listened to the sound of wild animals, I knew I needed a distraction so I made S'mores! LOL

It was hard to leave Shiner outside when I finally went in for the evening, but it was easier than it would have been had I gone in at dinner time. I did several solo campfires over the next two weeks.

(With a little help from a friend of mine from Wisconsin the noises have been identified! The wild noise is an Eastern Screech Owl, Shadow Ruffing and 2 Homo-Sapiens Chatting! Thanks Mary! )Smile Here is a link that I found: When you go to this link click on “B-Song” and it will play an owl sound just like mine, but better sound! OR you can click this link and it will bring you right to the play bar for the sound.

Now back to Shiner, I found out she had her flea and tick medicine, but she still hasn’t had a bath and it is still above freezing so I was as okay as I could get without letting her in the RV.

I knew she was sleeping here somewhere around the RV because I spotted her out the window at night and seen her when I would let Shadow out for the last time before going to bed. So I put some blankets under the camper to give her a soft place to lay.

Then I realized that she like laying in pine needles, DSCN011-001 This was a pile she fluffed up right by Dream Lake. I wasted no time when I saw the bed she made for herself and filled the back of my mule up with Pine needles!  I made several piles around the RV I even put a pile on top of the blankets that I put out for her. 


A little later in the day I captured Shiner being even more loveable when I saw this:

DSCN011-004  DSCN011-005 

Later that evening I was really glad to see that she made good use of my efforts!

                      Dogs and Misc  02

                   Good Night Miss Shiner, I will see you in the morning!


  1. Hi Cindy,,was that an owl and i do believe i heard a doggie ruffing and two homosapians yapping!!!lol were the s'mores good?????? hugs mary

  2. Hi Mary,
    At first Dave and I thought it was an owl, then we thought not, but then after your comment, I searched for owl sounds online. It is an Eastern Screech Owl. I am going to up date this posting with a link that has more sounds and information on the owl. Thanks for your help! :)


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